Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Founded in 2011 by Chloë St.Felix, PBTH (formerly Petite Brunette en Talons Hauts) is now one of the most influential Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog in Montreal, Canada, and one the fastest growing creative outlet at home and abroad, thanks to it’s international reach.

Chloë stands out from her local crowd with her “confident and forever evolving style“ (Lucky Magazine). In a recent interview with the magazine, she stated loving “giving a shot at new trends & getting inspired by what surrounds [her]”. She is that glam but edgy girl !

After graduating from Journalism school in Montreal and earning her Fashion degree in London, UK, Chloë now works as a digital influencer and creative consultant in Canada. Her daily tasks include producing creative content, writing, styling, digital influencer, directing and brand ambassadorship. In the past years, she had the opportunity to work with and represent notorious brands such as TOPSHOP Canada,  Lancôme, Michael Kors, Kérastase, Veuve Cliquot & Guerlain.

Today, PBTH stands out from both it’s local and national Fashion community by being one of the first ever freelance blog to partner with some of the biggest names in the industry from all over the world such as Longchamp, Pandora, FENDI, Custo Barcelona, Twin Set by Simona Barbieri and Calvin Klein to only name a few. These partnerships also granted her an exclusive access to some of the greatest events held worldwide each year.


“Traveling around the world, reporting live from New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, and being able to share my goals and my passions with you guys is the most rewarding experience one girl can ever dream of. I started PBTH as I was heading to Law School almost four years ago now, and needed something to keep me grounded to what I really liked in life. One thing led to another, and here I am. And although I have changed a lot since I was a freshman in College, I managed to remain truly and completely passionate about what I do ! I feel so incredibly grateful for the opportunities PBTH brought to me. Thank you for stopping by !”

For more information about PBTH, please consult our online media kit (includes complete list of achievements).
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