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Sunday, January 1, 2017

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Happy New Year everyone and welcome 2017!

God time flies... It seems like just yesterday I was writing up my blog post about turning the page on 2015 and here we are. The year 2016 has flown by so quickly and to some, this means it might not have been so eventful after all. But for once, I have to say I'm glad my life has been more on the quiet side this year. 

After a life-changing breakup with my Karl, about a little over a year ago, I had to seclude myself for a while and start adjusting to a new reality in which I would be on my own, make decisions that would only involve me and create a future for no one else but myself. You guys, he was my world! But if there is something I learnt this year, it's that things are never as bad as you think they are.

And here I am, feeling perfectly find, living a life I've always wanted for myself without the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. That truly is an empowering feeling and I want to base my thoughts and wishes for 2017 upon this: The most important relationship you will ever have in your life is the one you have with yourself.

On this January 1st, 2017, I don't really have any life-changing resolutions I want to address; I am very content with my life as it is and I do not believe I need to change things, but rather better myself in certain ways...

I want to fully embrace a more natural side of myself and wear my hair curly more often than straight.

I want to master my tennis serve and be more confident in my skills when playing in singles. That'll require spending more and more time on the court.

I want to better myself at prioritizing and to focus on growing consistently in order to meet with my all-time goal of being the youngest to do what I do.

I want to be the friend you can always count on. As we grow up, true friendships become a rare thing and mines are ones I want to invest time and energy in.

I want to feel happy everyday of my life. Not all day, everyday but a little bit everyday.

I was wearing…

Natalie B. Coleman Skirt and Sequined Shirt
Black Strappy Sandals c/o Forever 21 (similar here, here and here)
Nadia' Textured Leather Handbag c/o Gianoi (similar here, here and here)
Jewelry c/o PandoraLia Sophia

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