The Ultimate Girl's Guide To Anti-Aging In Your Twenties

Monday, November 21, 2016

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Did you ever realize how everyone in their twenties want to grow up, but no one wants to age for a second? Yes, there is a difference that is to be made between the two, and as wise and mature growing up sounds like, aging, on the other end, is a word that has been feared for ages (pun intended!).

The thing is, although we keep hearing from skincare professionals that the key to aging well is to prevent early signs of aging by take extra good care of your skin while in your teens and twenties, knowing exactly which products to use and when to use it can be a little (or a lot!) confusing at times. So here we rounded up the most important steps of taking care of your skin while in your twenties… Of course, no one will ever be able to stop the process of aging, that is inevitable. But there certainly is a way you can control how you and more importantly, your skin, will age.

Time to get smart about how you take care of your skin and prevent early aging signs!

Any Age – Facial Massage

A facial massage and facial yoga will help to give your face a bit of a lift and will help your skin look more plumped. Try using a favourite of the skincare industry, the FOREO skin cleansing device to erase wrinkles and improve your skin's tone and texture. All you have to do is turn the device around and use the back of it to gently buff your skin to make it soft and supple.

Early Twenties – Hydration

We all know that drinking water is a great way to improve your skin. If you focus on hydration from 20-23 year old, your skin will become softer, blemish free and will be less dry. There are even hacks to help you focus on drinking more water everyday, such as bringing a water bottle with you at work or using an app to track your intake. But it’s also about the products you put on your face. Acid based products can be incredibly drying, and by your mid-twenties, your skin will start to dry out so it’s time to start thinking about softer, gentler cleansers.

Try Institut Esthederm's 'Osmopure' cleansing water for a gentle cleanser that won’t strip away any essential oils.

Mid Twenties – Prevention

Your skin is different now to what it was in your early twenties or teens, so you should still continue to use what already works for you (including gentle cleansers!) but invest in a heavier moisturizer. Try A-list favorite Weleda Skin Food Moisturizer, a thick enough to be absorbed into the skin formula that creates a flawless complexion.

It’s about time now to start getting smart about aging skin. Step away from environmental factors like too much sun exposure, excessive drinking, smoking and stress. All of these things will age you quicker!

Late Twenties – Maintenance 

In your thirties, your skincare routine will take you through to your forties, if it’s tailored to your skin. If you have specific complaints, now is the time to see a dermatologist. In general, though, this is the time to look for products that contain retinol and collagen boosters, as well as experimenting with natural products like coconut oil and honey.

Sunday Riley Luna Night Sleeping Oil is perfect for your mid-to-late twenties, as it contains a trans-retinoic acid that smooths skin and prevents fine lines from forming.

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