6 Most Jaw-Dropping Trends of The Season Seen at Fashion Preview Spring 2017

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Photo credits:  Tio To Photography©

Fun, feminine, flirty, if it's one (or all!) of those things next Spring, it's in! 

The message was pretty clear during last week's Fashion Preview presentations in Montreal as designers enlined on one same vision, not without a few diversions. And with so many new collections available every season, it is easy to get confused with what to wear for the months to come, even though this season, a handful of brands (koff, koff.. hey Lovan M., Tommy Hilfiger and Alexander Wang) cleverly look at fashion from a different eye, offering their take on the see-now, buy-now model and presented clothes immediately for sale, straight from the runway. But hey, don't panic here, we got your back as always ;)

From major ruffles to hourglass figures, here is PBTH's edit of the best trends spotted on the runways last week. Scroll down to see all the trends that reigned on the recent runways...

Left to right: DUY, Leinad Beaudet, Helmer, Naïké

Ampler, slouchier and more extravagant than ever, the new trench coat is all about nailing that effortless I-just-threw-this-on vibe without undermining the sofistication of midi-lenght coats. New, extended silhouettes will make your old beige trench look like it's in need of some definite vacations to regain healthy colours, which is exactly what you'll give it: time off!

 Left to right: Claudette Floyd, Leinad Beaudet, Helmer, DUY

Great minds think alike they say, and great designers will always share a like for some collection staples such as lust-worthy pinks and other feminine hues. For Spring 2017, it will not be your average pink-pink... We're talking delicate shades of rose that are easy to pair with other spring-y colours and that will enhance and soften any look you may be going for.

 Left to right: KQK, Leinad Beaudet, Naïké, Yoga Jeans

Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well! Far from us the idea that you should die at a young age or that adopting a fast-paced lifestyle is the optimal way to live your life as a young adult(!), but there is just something about this DGAF attitude that has been seen on the runways lately. If you ask us, this might be your one-way ticket straight to the cool kid's table this year, whether you choose to feature a good rip, hide under you hoodie, sport a total black outfit or rock dark shades at all time of the day.

 Left to right: Helmer, Claudette Floyd, Helmer, Karma Athletics

Ruffles aren't just for flirty dresses anymore... Next Spring, we're wearing them on everything, as they'll transpose on your favourite jackets, tops, sleeves and even on your workout gear! Turn everyday wear into special-occasion pieces with an asymmetrical ruffle, a floucy finish or a more structured emblishement, and make your wardrobe more versatile than ever.

Left to right: Helmer, Leinad Beaudet, Claudette Floyd, Leinad Beaudet

Are you surprised to see that waist trainer of yours you've been trying to keep a secret forever make its fashion debut on the runways? So did we! With hourglass figures gaining more and more popularity amongst fashionistas of all ages, you can now turn to your closet to give you those extra curves you are coveting or simple to cinch your waist a notch more for added drama (or just for a little extra help!) ;)

Left to right: Karma Athletics, KQK, Naïké, Yoga Jeans

From the designers creating pieces for the girl that's out-and-about, to those who rules the athleisure game, it seems like everyone had a taste for taupes and earthy colours this season. Even the bombshell has now embraced practicality! Never thought you’d head to the gym, go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, walk through the office or meet your in-laws in a full-on khaki ensemble? Prepare to be amazed.


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