4 Natural Ways You Can Maximize Your Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nowadays, working out is no longer just an activity, it's a lifestyle. If you're serious about exercising and meeting your weekly/monthly/yearly goals, your entire life is most likely revolving around your workout schedule. You might eat in a way that will help you maximize muscle growth, follow a sleep schedule that will speed up recovery, make sure your body posture is always correct to avoid getting injured or even, refrain from engaging in any activities that could eventually be detrimental to your healthy lifestyle.

If you spend the majority of your week lifting, squatting, building up cardio or else, that is awesome! You work hard to get the most out of those gym sessions, but are you maxing out your rest days as well? Taking down time to allow your muscles to recover is mandatory in maximizing the strength-building goals you are working so hard to accomplish. 

Ahead of the very last stretch (pun intended!) towards meeting your 2016 body goals, here are four natural ways you can effectively supplement your rest time for optimal post-workout muscle recovery.

It is common knowledge that any form of stress in your life is taking a toll on your overall well-being. When intense workout sessions are paired with a higher level of stress (not the good kind) and an already overworked body (lack of sleep, bad body posture at work...), they can lead to an eventual break down in the form of lackluster results, or even worse, body injuries.

Body massages are a great way to help relieve the stress and tension of everyday living that can lead to disease and illness. Whether receiving the healing treatment at-home or at any wellness facilities (we're super fans of Spa Urbain Éveil des Sens, just outside Montreal!), we recommend using Weleda Arnica Massage Oil, an intensive, warming body oil that's been a staple of massage therapists for over 90 years now, to soothe muscle soreness and ease muscle aches caused by overuse or exercise. Its ecologically harvested arnica extract based formula addresses muscle aches and soreness, and its 100% natural fragrance of rosemary and lavender helps the mind to relax...

We, at PBTH, have always been strong advocates of natural body healing treatments as opposed to synthetic medicine. Why? Mainly, the problem with over-the-counter prescriptions, is that they do not necessarily heal the problem; they simply shut off communication between your nervous system and brain so you don’t feel pain. We'll give it to science, they often are the easiest and fastest way to get a significant relief from body pain, but when used properly and on a day-to-day basis, so are homeopathic remedies!

A great way we've found to incorporate natural body-healing ingredients into our daily routine is to opt for homeopathic ingredient-infused body care products. After all, these are products we'd be using on our bodies anyways, right? Weleda's Arnica Sports Shower Gel is ideal for after exercising, or anytime you need a quick pick-me-up. It preserves the skin’s natural moisture and delivers new energy with an uplifting scent. This shower gel reinvigorates body and mind while leaving skin feeling refreshed, clean and soft.

On any training day, try and make time for a relaxing 10-15 minutes warm bath with Arnica muscle soak, about an hour and a half before going to bed. Arnica is ideal after a workout to ease sore muscles, or anytime you need a calming, restorative down time. This will also help preparing your body for a good stretching session. Not only will this allow excess toxins to leave your muscles, but stretching before bed will ensure that you wake up feeling ready to go for your next big day of working out.

We are head over heels in love with Weleda's Arnica Muscle Soak, an aromatic bath milk made with only natural ingredients such as organic arnica and birch extracts, to help relieve feelings of fatigue and tiredness, and lavender and rosemary essential oils, to provide an uplifting natural fragrance.

A post-workout, sore and tired body might leave you feeling a little sour about heading back to the gym the next day, or even staying remotely active for the time your body is in pain. Plus, aching muscles are never a pleasant feeling and can seriously get on your nerves if it impacts your daily activities.

For those locally sourced feelings of pain, after-sports creams or gels are a great remedy to soothe muscles that are tired from exercise or stress. A favourite of ours is Weleda's Arnica Intensive Body Recovery Cream, formulated with a high percentage (about 30%) of wild-crafted arnica flower extract. It is so easy to use; simply massage a pence size amount on the area affected and into aching muscles, two to three times a day for immediate results. You'll be back on your daily grind in no time!


** A big thank you to Weleda for sponsoring this story, all thoughts and comments are our own.

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