10 Favourite Accessory Looks Spotted at Fashion Preview Spring 2017

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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After seasons of larger-than-life fashion, designers are downsizing for Spring 2017, leaving accessories, the center stage. From bags, to scarves, to jewelry, to footwear some of the most intriguing pieces shown at the Fashion Preview presentations were also some of the smallest but we didn't lose sight of the details.

Scroll through to get up close and personal with 10 of the biggest accessory trends for next Spring...

 seen at Naïké Sping 2017

The search for your everyday bag is over.

When we spotted models at Fashion Preview walking down the runway, wearing their crossbody bags shortened, right below their armpit, we knew we were on to something... These new smaller camera bags-like satchels combine the lust of arm candy with the ease of a fanny pack and are great for storing all of your needed essentials.

seen at Helmer Spring 2017

Emojis speak louder than words.

A few years ago, it might have been hard to imagine that we'd be talking about emojis in any serious context. Now, though, the emojification of our once text-based society is set to become the norm. For Spring 2017, even designers are joining in on the action, with the illustrated faces appearing on several runways, from clothing to footwear.

seen at Helmer Spring 2017

It was glove at first sight.

Good things may come in pairs, but there’s something so tough and fiercely independent about accessorizing your look with only one statement glove. In an effort to surf to less-is-more trend in its most litteral representation, the single-glove trend was all over the runways for Spring 2017. Ad while designers seem to always want to add costume-like effects to their collections, this little move is no joke.

 seen at DUY Spring 2017

Chokers were the accessory of choice back in the '90s.

There were flash tattoo's, candy's plastic's velvet's, and if you were Princess Diana, even pearl-and-diamond-encrusted chokers! Now that they're back, we're seeing a much better version of the it-trend, resting at the base of your neck instead of on your throat and not fitting tightly or closely... But you'll never have to worry about them getting lost in your cleavage when you wear them with something low-cut.

 seen at Leinad Beaudet Spring 2017

The ultimate power dressing for Spring.

For Spring 2017, designers turned to the East for inspiration, thinking of artfully tied ribbons around your vests, coats, dresses, and tops as the new fashion fix to our obession with scarves and bandanas. Not only it is a very interesting new accessory, but it also flatters your waistline and adds up detailing to more low-key parts of your garments such as sleeves and necklines.

 seen at DUY Spring 2017

Remember all those piercing trends of the early 2000's? They're back!

It seems like just about every cool girl got a septum piercing this year, are we right? Whether worn as a sign of rebellion, a fashion statement or a cultural tradition, piercings have long been an idiosyncratic way to express ourselves and on the runways this season, designers celebrated the trend in many fashionable ways.

 seen at Helmer Spring 2017

Call it the mini-me syndrome.

Despite the fact that they require redefining what counts as everyday essentials, mini and micro bags marked huge hit on the runways this season. We think its their cute factor that'll make them such coveted accessories for Spring 2017. The result is not only a weight off your shoulders (literally) but they're also a great way to get your hands on a designer bag at a fairly-good price point.

 seen at Leinad Beaudet Spring 2017

Not since Blair Waldorf ruled the Upper East Side have tights had such a moment.

Designers were experimenting with legwear during Fashion Preview this season in new, bold ways. Tights and stockings are now seen as a detraction from one's over all look, but also add visual interest to it. And with the return of the boudoir trend last season, they've now become your easiest way to sport the trend on a day-to-day basis.

 seen at Leinad Beaudet Spring 2017

For instant added drama.

While probably not the best idea for the office, a veil is definitely a great way to take your outfit up a notch. The accessory has always been a favourite of the designers as it gives their models a mysterious fairytale touch, we're all dying for. For Spring 2017, they're coming in many variants and even more different ways to wear them.

seen at Yoga Jeans

In a conscious effort to go green.

Montrealers do love their bikes, whether they use them for daily transportation, for leisure or to work out. With the city recently ranked #1 bicycle-friendly city in North America (#8 in the world!), prepare for a Spring of pedal pushing; your bike might just be your best accessory to flaunt next season!

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