Your Ultimate Guide to The Best DIY #GirlBoss Halloween Costumes

Monday, October 17, 2016

The countdown has officially begun… 

Less than two weeks before Halloween night! So you're now down to the last details of all of those Halloween parties you planned on hosting/attending but you haven't decided on a costume just yet? 

Thankfully there’s an array of options that exist within our favourite movies and television shows. Between DC comics, cartoons networks (Space Jam, we’re lookin’ right at you) and the endless high school archetypes (Well hello there, Cher Horowitz!), there are just so many fictional characters to choose from and today, I rounded up my top 5 characters from cult films and pop culture to inspire you for a stand-out Halloween costume!

If you've been living under a rock for the past few months and didn't get the 411 on Baywatch coming back to your home screens (starring Zac Efron and The Rock, major YAS!),  it is time to get on with the program ;) The iconic 90's sitcom which has inspired generations might just be your best pick for a solo or squad costume this year. This one is easy enough to put together straight from your (or your mom's) closet and surprisingly, lets you show a lot of skin or no skin at all!

If you plan on spending most of your evening out, try wearing nude stockings under your red suit and a red/white, varsity-like bomber jacket over it so you don't get too cold. A nice blowout set with Bumble and bumble's sea salt spray will get you the perfect beach hair while a few coats of Vita Liberata tanning mousse will give your skin a nice, natural sun-kissed tone.

Although she ruled with terror and wickedness, classic Cruella, from the beloved 1961 cartoon to the early 2000's Glenn Close adaptation, has always been a leading lady and a queen of style. Exuding undeniable self-confidence and sophistication, she was all about extravagant fashion yet, achieving such a look happens to be more of a breeze than you'd think... 

Aside from her infamous oversized, exuberant fur coats, the woman was all about basics: a midi-lenght, black slip dress, red pumps, matching opera gloves and her iconic longer-than-life cigarette holder. Beauty-wise, a very dramatic black and white hair dye does the tricks and deep, bloody red lips complete this Cruella De Vil inspired Halloween costume.

Another fun way to get a little looney this year is to dress up as one of your favourite childhood cartoons character, Lola Bunny from Space Jam. Lola is a boss lady and is not afraid to speak her mind, or tell you to your face not to call her doll!

Channel Lola's sporty vibe with a replica of her Tune Squad ball uniform, a cute pair of bunny ears and a clear complexion with gorgeous highlights. If you want to go all-the-way, head over to Flight Club to scope a pair of the popular Air Jordan 1 'Lola Bunny' sneakers and be ready to hit the courts with your own Tune Squad teammates.

Now, if you wanna talk easy-to-put-together and inexpensive Halloween costume, Uma Thurman's Mia Wallace character from Pulp Fiction is your gal! The black hair vixen was anything but conventional and loved to have fun her way.

To make a good Jack Rabbit Slims twist contest Mia Wallace, all you need are three basics: a white button down, boyfriend shirt, a pair of black wide-leg, ankle skinnies and a simple black ballet flat. Add on Uma's infamous black, pageboy-style wig and you'll be Quentin Tarantino's latest muse in no time flat.

If you don't think matching plaid skirt suits are acceptable on the daily, Oct. 31st is the time to put together your best Cher Horowitz Halloween costume. With the 90’s back in full force, creating a totall Clueless costume is now super easy...

Yellow tartan coordinates really are the key elements of this outfit. As for the rest, anything goes! I recommend keeping it classic as Cher would; matching cardigan and white accessories (mary-jane's, knee-high socks and backpack). On the beauty front, a casual blowout with a bit of volume is always on trend and pink lips must be lined. Don't forget to chew gum for the valley aesthetic!

Last but not least, Catwoman will forever be one of the best Halloween costumes out there. I’m just fascinated with how she can be a villain one second, then a hero the next. She is the ultimate #GirlBoss!

This classic badass costume can be easily reproduced with elements of your own wardrobe like pleather legging and a matching bodysuit although, for an authentic look, I would advise you to purchase an actual PVC onepiece. This is without a doubt the most characteristic element of this feline heroin and what makes her so sexy and sensual. The rest is simple: over-the-knee leather boots (as anyone should already own since they've been hugely popular this season!), black dramatic leather gloves, black eye mask and cat ears.

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