This Airline Lets You Fly Business For Less Than Other Companies Economy Fare

Friday, October 21, 2016

Last Summer, I booked a holiday trip through Europe with a girlfriend of mine whom I had never travelled with before. After a couples weeks playing planes, trains and automobiles, we ended our wonderful journey in the charming city of Prague from where I was flying back to Montreal. 

Now, Czech Republic is about a 8 to 9 hours plane ride from Montreal if you're traveling from East to West, which wouldn't normally bother me enough to book myself a first class ticket, as I would have if the journey would have been of more than 10 hours. But, as I was casually browsing through the best airfare deals of the week via Google Flights and co., I realized that for some reason, Air Transat, which has recently launched seasonal direct flights between Toronto and Prague (with a touchdown in Montreal), was offering me a seat in its spacious Club cabin (its version of international business class) for about $500 CAD less than every single other airline that was offering the same route in Economy class, including Air Canada, British Airways, Lufthansa and Delta Airlines.

** Cue, woahs!

Yes, yes my friends, Air Transat has been securing, over the past few years, more and more amazing deals to fly Canadiens to the most beloved cities across Europe for unbeatable prices. And with Prague as the latest addition to their roster, it is now easier than ever to discover the exotic and distinctive central part Europe, beckoning travellers with a rich history, as well as its architectural, artistic and cultural heritage. So when planning your next journey across the world, make sure you check out Air Transat's unbelievable monthly deals on the most coveted destinations. You might end up getting just as lucky as I got ;)

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