5 Inspiring Women You Should Follow on Snapchat

Saturday, October 22, 2016

In a conscious effort to fill my Snapchat feed with more women that are funny, intelligent and oh-so inspirational, I came across five accounts I thought I'd share with you as they've now become my daily latest obsession. Maybe it's the way they give me extra motivation on crappy days or simply because I thrive on surrounding myself with other career girls and aspire to succeed as much as they do in life, but there is defintely something to learn from these fabulous women's ever-growing presence on the social app.

Whether they inspire my fashion sense, challenge my knowledge, motivated me to work harder and be more creative everyday, these women definitely did something different to me and I religiously follow their thoughts and share insights on their lives, and I firmly believe you should to.

As for little me (if you haven't already!), you can follow my daily activities on Snapchat @TheOfficialPBTH!



As of Summer 2016, America's very own First Lady decided to hop on board the Snapchat train so users can see a behind-the-scenes look at her life in the White House. In addition to showcasing her daily activites, including tours of the White House Kitchen Garden (the First Lady is all about coming up with new and fun ways to stay healthy and active!), Obama has been uploading to Snapchat some of the best moments from her recent 'Let Girls Learn' trip to Liberia, Morocco and Spain, in an effort to engage directly with young people on the platform and promote her latest initiative focusing on helping women all-around the world better to better their education. With her account going by her personal name, you can certainly expect Obama to keep the account after she leaves the White House, which to me, sounds like major YASS!



Los Angeles-based fashion blogger and very definition of a modern momtrepreneur, Chriselle's Snapchat provides a glimpse into her personal and professional life. When she's not running her insanely successful blog, The Chriselle Factor, Lim is playing mom to beautiful baby Chloe (cute name huh?) which she frequently features on the photo/video sharing app, in between snaps of in-flight skincare demos and partnership with world-renown brands such as Chanel and Dior. She tends to get very upclose and personal with her fans, sharing the ups and downs of her everyday life and emphasizing on the fact that her life isn't the highlight reel of Instagram all the time, which is something I absolutely adore!



Kylie Jenner is undounbtly the queen of Snapchat! The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has become known for the constant play-by-play of her personal life which includes clips and pics of really, everything, from her latest hair dye, to singing lessons with BFF Pia Mia, to videos of her adorable pups, to the meticulous process of creating and managing her own beauty line... She dedicates a large chunk of her day to keeping her fans up to date with the newest additions to her now wide range of lip kits and eyeshdow palettes available at KylieCosmetics.com. She even posted some behind-the-scenes moments spent at the laboraties in which her beauty products are concieved, assembles and packaged.



For those looking for daily chic inspiration, look no further... The face behind ultra-popular blog We Wore What, Danielle Bernstein takes to Snapchat her stylish adventures out-and-about in the Big Apple. The one thing I love the most about her account is that she often presents outfits from outside her blog, which to my surprise are mostly from affordable stores such as Express and H&M. She makes a case of bringing us along her daily busy schedule, including meetings with brands, press dinners and media trips, as well as showing us around her extremely enviable home, even taking us to her laser hair removal spa and of course, introducing her pup, Bleecker the frenchie.



Former editor in chief of Lucky, Eva Chen has become one of the fashion and beauty industry's leading voices and she is now taking her ever-astonishing knowledge on, well, everything in life, to Snapchat. Without a doubt, one of the most adored and inspirational women in Fashion, Chen snaps might mean a trip to a high-end designer event on one day and some shots of her favorite meal, her latest mani colour or a new beauty product she likes, the next day. Even if you don’t love fashion, Eva Chen’s Snapchat is brimming with fun captions, silly sketches on even sillier photos, her inafmous Eva Chen cab pose and hilarious pics of her baby girl, whose birth was even announced via the app.

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