5 Innovative Foundations That Will Speed up Your Beauty Routine

Monday, October 24, 2016

These days, I'm all about efficiency. Whether it's at work, at the gym, when I'm sleeping, when I get ready in the morning… I live a busy lifestyle and anything I can do to help me stay on top on my game and meet my goals everyday, I do. I believe that, sometimes, we tend to look too far ahead of us when trying to figure out how to better ourselves or become more productive. It's all in the little things!

Take my beauty regimen, for example. I like to opt for cosmetics that will do more for me than what they're meant to do. I do not have time to adapt my daily skincare routine to all the different beauty products I use (exfoliate when using self-tanners, deep cleanse when applying heavy foundation, mask after wearing makeup multiple days in a row…) so instead, I go for innovative cosmetics. Among my favourites, you'll fine a new generation of foundations, formulated with more skincare benefits, packaged with new, ingenious applicators and built to last longer than ever!

Each of the following foundation is as fast and easy to put on, as it is to remove and leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated at all times, no extra skincare routine steps required. Scroll down to learn more about my latest beauty obsession...

for the girl who hates heavy moisturizers…

This complexion hybrid combines hydrating skincare ingredients with instant illumination, on days where I wake up with a good skin and simply want a natural glow to let my skin show through. Formulated with ingredients like Shea Butter, Evening Primrose Oil and Muru Muru seed butter, the Estée Edit Skin Glowing Balm acts like a tinted moisturizer, giving you this replenished looking skin through the entire day. Even if your skin is of the dry type, you may not need more than a lightweight moisturizers underneath to achieve this dewy-looking complexion. And for adding soothing benefits, this trend-forward skin balm also features Pink Peony extract which is known to calm and treat sensitive skin.

For best results, thoroughly warm two pumps of Skin Glowing Balm between your fingers to soften the glow-friendly butters, then apply it as you would a moisturizer.

for the girl who wants to look rejuvenated…

Charlotte Tilbury's Light Wonder Youth-Boosting Foundation is among the few choices for those seeking a fresher, younger-looking skin achieved with a lightweight formula. This innovative technology breathes a diaphanous veil of youth-enhancing tint across your skin, evening out imperfections, minimizing pores and reducing wrinkles. But what makes this foundation so exceptional is that a pool of youth-boosting actives help to reduce wrinkles, fight uneven skin tone and smooth over the surface of your skin for a rejuvinated look and feel. Moreover, a botanical alternative to retinol stimulates the epidermal renewal of your skin by kick-starting collagen production, delaying the onset of wrinkles and improving the appearance of your complexion.

For best results, shake well and squeeze a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand. Using a foundation brush or your finger tips, blend it into your skin from the middle outwards, to use as a tinted moisturiser. The SPF15 will protect your skin from photo-ageing.

for the girl who's always in a rush...

I've been obsessed with Lancôme's Miracle Cushion ever since I tried it a couple of months ago. This innovative airy formula features an all-in-one liquid foundation that comes with the 'Fresh Touch Puff', an advanced face applicator that delivers a cooling & moist sensation to your skin (thanks to the water and volatile oils that flash off the skin soon after application) and allows you to achieve effortless complexion perfection in seconds anytime, anywhere. Of course, the packaging is handy, not that you cannot carry a bottle of foundation and a brush in your purse everyday, but the cushion format means a convenient applicator set into a case that includes a mirror. The Lancôme Miracle Cushion compact is also refillable (smart!) and it has SPF 23, making it a handy option for on-the-go sun protection.

For best results, apply by pressing the foundation sponge into the moistened liquid cushion and patting onto your face from the centre of the forehead to the exterior of your face.

for the girl needs her glow on, 24/7…

Packaged into a gorgeous, frosty, thick glass bottle that resembles something you would hold a serum in, Lise Watier's Teint Lumière Foundation offers an undetectable, even in the light of day, second-skin like finish and a coverage that is both ultra-light and adjustable. Infused with Diamond Lumière Complex, which light reflective pigments add photoluminescence to the complexion, the oil-free formula also contains SPF 15 to help protect the skin from the sun. It wears brilliantly (pun intended!), sets and dries within seconds and stays put the entire day, providing enough coverage to even out the skin tone and conceal problem areas. As an added benefit the beautiful glass bottled foundation comes with an eyedropper applicator which allows you to dispenses a specifically measured quantity of the formula for optimal efficiency.

For best results, apply this wonderful foundation with Lise Watier Perfecting Foundation Brush in circular motions, starting at the center of the face and making your way outwards.

for the girl who seeks picture-perfect skin...

Colour me impressed! Make Up Forever have reinvented the stick foundation with their Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick which features an exclusive 4K Complex that guarantees invisible, natural and comfortable wear. Packaged in a twist-up container, this formula has a smooth, creamy texture that blends seamlessly and feels lightweight. Whilst providing translucent coverage, Amino Acid Coated Pigments found in this foundation help blurring imperfections and, covering redness and uneven skin tone with just a light swipe of product. The formula also contains Hyaluronic Speres that hydrates and plumps the skin, giving the feel of a silicone based formula, without the cons, and Sericite, a fine grained mica that boost microcirculation on the skin and adds light reflecting properties to create a radiant effect.

For best results, apply the foundation from the middle of the face outwards in upward strokes to lift the features, using a large foundation brush. Set by applying HD Pressed Powder in gliding strokes from the middle of the face outwards, including to the eye contour area.

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