5 Montreal Cafés You Absolutely Need to Check Out This Fall

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy National Coffee Day everyone!.. or as I like to call it, Thursday ;)

Being a coffee aficionado like my Mother for quite a few years now, to me, everyday should be National Coffee Day. There's nothing like a warm cup of freshly brewed aromatic Hawiian joe, a bright, almost wine-like and fruity Kenyan blend, or a deep flavored Yemeni Mocha Java to kick off my day on the right note. And as much as I adore my good old 'Syntia' been-to-cup system from Saeco, which has been delivering my morning long black's every single day for 5 years now, I also enjoy investing that $3-$5 into other stylish coffee drinks, from time to time.

Espresso, affogato, cortadito, flat white, latte, cappuccino… To each his own! And today, I've rounded up the five café addresses your caffeine-seeking brains need to know right now, right here in Montreal.

Espresso-based drinks, brewed coffee, tea & pastries are on offer at this bright café. Every step of the process, from sourcing the beans to weighing the grinds, is performed with care and precision by the café’s passionate owners.

What to order? Cappuccino made with coconut milk & banana chocolate scone.

5612 Monkland Ave.
Montreal, QC, H4A 1E3


This opulently quaint bi-level coffee shop with historical architecture serves everything from sweets and sandwiches, to coffee, tea and cocktails! To top things off, all of the food they serve is produced in Montreal. Next time you’re in Old Montreal, stop by for a latte, and feast your eyes on Café Tommy.

What to order? The mini ($12), a heartwarming combination of tea/coffee, yoghurt parfait and pastry.

200 Notre-Dame St. West
Old Montreal, QC, H2Y 1T3

“We are not a third-wave coffee shop, we are happy to serve you!”, states the fancy downtown café on its website. Sharp, clever, the Myriade brand understands coffee as well as they do decor, style and service. Case in point, the service at Myriade’s Dominion Square location is in fact very friendly, and their coffee, sumptuous.

What to order? Cortado (with skim milk, if you must!) & apple pie.

1000 Sainte Catherine St. West
Montreal, QC, H3B 5L2


European-style café serving up coffee, espresso and Czech-style breakfast fare & pastries. Café Prague provides a pleasant and calm environment to enjoy a nice espresso (the one they serve is comparable if not better than the best available in Montreal).

What to order? Espresso or ask for their soy milk latte & mushroom soup and Russian egg mini-sandwich.

1317 Van Horne Ave.
Outremont, QC, H2V 1K7


Kitsuné Espresso Bar just opened up a second location in the developing Griffintown neighborhood, hidden at the intersection of Ottawa and Ann street. Bright open space with jungle green wallpaper and large tables, a great spot to get work done, since it's still relatively quiet.

What to order? Espresso (duh!) & croissants.

988 Ottawa St.
Griffintown, QC, H3C 1S3

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