5 Beauty Tips to Master The Perfect Fresh Faced Look in Under a Minute Each

Monday, September 12, 2016

As Career Girls on busy schedules, we're often confronted to the issue of running out of time in really, every aspect of our lives. So, we compromise. To make it to happy hour, we hit the gym in the morning. To achieve the perfect top-knot, we skip a day (or two..!) of hair wash. To make it to work on time still looking fresh faced, we have a whole bag of tips and trick that accelerate our morning beauty process without compromising on the glam. Truth is, less is more and a full, natural makeup no longer requires the entire makeup bag. Let's have a look at the five things I do to master the perfect fresh faced look in under 5 minutes...


I don't like to wear mascara everyday, it irritates my eyes and removing it is always a pain in the ass (we'll talk about the best eye makeup removers for your type of mascara in another post next week!), but I do like the look of a full, dark set of lashes with any of my natural beauty looks. A really cool new product I've been incorporating to my beauty routine lately is the EyEnvy lash conditioner, a unique formula, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, that includes amino acids, vitamins and water binding ingredients to make lashes and eyebrows stronger (yes, it gives you bold brows too!). Simply apply a thin layer across your top and bottom lash lines, as you would with a liquid eyeliner and you're good to go! Results begin to show after only two weeks ;)


Did you know moisturized is the new matte? Yes, yes, yes my friends. A nice, glowing, replenished looking skin is a must these days and always trendy with me. My winning complexion perfection combo? Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint and the Haloscope highlighter, in Topaz for my bronzed looks and in Quartz for a more subtle glow. Right in the land between bar skin and makeup is a beauty look that will take you from desk to dinner in no time!


For me, under eye bags are the most obvious sign of fatigue as I usually get the full package as a result of sleep deprivation. Swelling, dark circles, dryness, you name it! And you know, concealers are great to cover up flaws but I'm a firm believer of tackling down a problem at the source. I'm currently loving Klorane Soothing and Relaxing Patches (those are the one I use when I'm flying somewhere to look rested upon arrival!) and Clinique's All-About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage roller as go-to deflators. Shiseido's 'Ibuki' Eye Correcting Cream is a charm underneath makeup and diminishes the appearance of dark circles and fine lines caused by dryness.


With the Fall season just around the corner, bolder, darker shades of lipsticks are slowly making a comeback in our makeup bags as one of Autumn's biggest beauty trends. What is not so trendy, is a chapped coloured pout, leaving your lips looking dried-out and uneven. I absolutely LOVE using Fresh Beauty's Sugar Lip Polish every week to exfoliate and condition my lips, for an incredibly soft and smooth pout. I maintain the hydration level of my lips to its fullest by starting and finishing off the day with one of their precious lip balms. Welcome back Deep Reds and True Browns!


Bold eyebrows have always been my thing and as fortunate as I am to have been blessed with a natural arch and great lines, I always found my brows to be sparse and a shade too light for my skin tone and hair colour. And although I've put together this great little routine to draw the perfect eyebrows for my look, I don't always have time to follow through with it. On days where I'll bare more of a natural face, I like to use Benefit Cosmetic's BROWVO Conditioning Eyebrow Primer and GIMME BROW Volumizing Eyebrow Gel to shape, tame and colour-fix my little guys, and accentuate my look.

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