Current Skincare Routine For a Radiant Skin

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Aren't we all dreaming of rolling out of bed looking fresh faced and beautiful every morning? Truth is, the unfortunate reality that is waking up to the sound of that 6:30AM alarm can be rather unforgiving on the dulness of our skintone, the baggies under our eyes and this intolerable way our skin gets oily on the most unconvenient spots of our faces and desert-dry all-around. But hey, for those who know me, glowing, dewy skin is my thing and I will stop at nothing to achieve daily complexion perfection!

Want a hint on how I manage to succeed at this lovely task? It's all a matter of products, key ingredients and impeccable timing…


I often raise a few eyebrows when I mention that prior to cleaning my skin in the evening, I can use up to two different types of makeup removing formulas to wash off all the cosmetics my skin has been carrying around all day. Yes, it is one more step to add to your skincare routine but it happens to be the most important one, if you wear makeup on a daily basis. Think of makeup as clothing but for your face; this is something you wear over your skin when you go out to work. Now, when time comes to get in the shower, you wouldn't keep you clothes on because it wouldn't allow you to wash your body appropriately. Same goes for makeup! If you don't take that extra layer off before cleaning you skin, it will prevent you from cleaning it properly and then, hello breakouts, redness and extra oily/dry skin.

This Summer, I've had the pleasure to be introduced to a brand new skincare line launched by one of Canada's most important producer of lavender, our very own Quebec-based Bleu LavandeBleu Lavande uses natural ingredients and develops skincare products in the respect of the environment and your well-being. For three months now, I have been diligently removing my makeup everyday using their lavender floral water based Cleansing Water which gently erases all traces of eye and face cosmetics, while revitalizing my skin for a hydrated and soothed, clear look and a soft, comfortable feel.

HOW TO: Apply a few drops of cleansing water on a facial cotton pad and apply on the face, eyes and neck to clean gently the skin.


Since its foundation in 2004, Bleu Lavande is continually seeking to transpose the beauty and the soothing properties of lavender through its exclusive range of products for the skin. Their sea lavender infused Cleansing Milk, for example, is designed to instantly optimize skin’s tone, texture, and hydration levels so that it’s already at its best before you even think about makeup. And the best part about this product is that, wait for it... You don't need to rinse it off!

Now, don’t be so quick to write all things milky or creamy off as guaranteed pore-cloggers: sometimes, sensitive, dry or even acne-prone skins can react to something as simple as dehydration caused by rinsing a product off your face and facial tissue patting it dry. With the right ingredients, a creamy, hydrating formula will actually balance your skin and let it feel supple and moistened, as a just-cleansed skin should feel like.

An added bonus to Bleu Lavande's Cleansing Milk: the formula is soap-free, which is a plus for sensitive skins, as it contains, instead, water, sea lavender, honey and a cleansing ingredient. The many virtues of sea lavender also make it the ideal solution for slowing down signs of aging and honey contains antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory and toning benefits, and is the ideal treatment for moisturizing dry skin.

HOW TO: Apply a few drops of cleansing milk on a facial cotton pad and apply on the face, eyes and neck to clean gently the skin. No rinsing required!


A beauty-related question I often get on the blog is: how to make the most out of your moisturizer? My answer is 1) Prep your skin properly (see above!) and 2) Don't go thicker... Go better!

As tempting as it is to think that you need to invest in a thicker moisturizer to achieve that glowing, radiant complexion, what you should really be looking for is a moisturizer that is packed with potent ingredients, like argan oil for instance. Bleu Lavande's multifunctional moisturizing face cream for day and night is enriched with sea lavender and biological argan oil that nourish the skin, promote suppleness, increase the production of collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Grape seed oil and sweet orange oil are also key ingredients that will help rehydrate your skin by attracting water into it.

After using this moisturizer for 3 months now, I can say I’m in love! The formula offers a light and buildable moisture for a dewy, smooth canvas, and is so simple to use that I love to use it every morning before putting on makeup, and every night before going to bed.

HOW TO: On a clean skin, apply a small quantity and massage lightly into skin, morning and night. When it comes to use and application you can also play around with it; I use it as a moisturizer and when my skin is a bit dry I use it as an intensive treatment and apply a thicker layer on, before I go to bed.

** Products were provided by Bleu Lavande and are all manufactured in Canada, not tested on animals with no parabens, petroleum products and artificials fragrances. Also, Bleu Lavande is 100 % free of chemical pesticides and herbicides. All thoughts and comments shared are my own. **

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