8 Beauty Lessons We Learned From Clueless

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Josh: Look, I'm just curious. How many hours a day do you spend grooming yourself ?

Cher: Some people are not lucky enough to be as naturally adorable as you are.

Josh: Stop it, you're making me blush.

One thing's for sure, when it comes to beauty, we could all learn a thing or two from makeover gurus Cher and Dionne, especially after witnessing the impressive work they're realized with Mrs. Geist and BFF Tai. Even the two gal pals rely on each other when things get serious; their main thrill in life is a makeover, it gives them a sense of control in a world filled with chaos.


A bright skin tone seems to only be existent in magazines and on TV. Everyone talks about it, but to achieve and maintain such a healthy complexion actually requires a good comprehension of how our skin works. It needs to be cleansed, treated, toned and moisturized daily, especially if like myself, you wear makeup everyday. 

It doesn't matter if you have dry, sensitive, oily, normal or combination skin, you want to be exfoliating at least once a week (maybe twice or three time a week, depending on your skin's sensitivity and which type of product you are using). Exfoliating is THE most important step in achieving a brighter skin tone because it allows you to get rid of all the dead skin cells that hang over your face, leaving it dull and uneven. 

Treating your skin with serums, essence or oils is a great way to deal with specific issues that are very different from people to people; I, myself, have naturally very visible pores so I like to use a pore minimizing serum to treat my skin and to create a flawless canvas to work on. 

You also want to be toning your skin to give it that extra hydration it'll need throughout the day or night, and to help balance its pH for a more even and radiant skin tone. 

Finally, moisturizing your skin is a key step into brightening your skin instantly. Think of it as if you were waking up in the morning, super hungry, and had the more satisfying, replenishing breakfast. Your skin need its nutrients too and again, it doesn't matter if you have dry, sensitive, oily, normal or combination skin, you want to find the right moisturizing product for you and to use it twice daily for ultimate results !



Leave it to Kylie Jenner to tell you all about the importance of a good lip liner in your lipstick application routine; it will help you give your lips the shape, the dimension, the size and the colour your want. Plus, it prevent your lipstick from bleeding which is like, worst than having lipstick on your teeth, if you ask me ;) Clueless's Cher and Dionne never underestimated the power of a good lip liner, which case is shown on multiple occasion in the original movie. It is one of the key steps into Tai and Mrs. Geist's makeovers, Cher's final prep for her date night with Christian and even when she's just hanging at home with handsome Josh.

My take on how to wear a lip liner is pretty straight forward:
1) Wear one that matches your lipstick colour for a more modern look and long wear effect;
2) Wear a translucent lip liner is you want to use multiple colours (ombré lips, colourblock…);
3) Wear a slightly darker shade of liner for a more mature look, inspired by the 90's;
4) Don't wear any lip liner if you are going for a lip balm, lip gloss, lip plumper or lip stain, even if they're highly pigmented !


A nice, healthy flush is the ultimate sign of a youthful skin and none of Cher, Dionne, Tai or even Amber would be caught dead sporting a dull, tired face to school or worst, at a party (even if it's in the Valley) ! I find that a rosy flush on your cheeks is quite different from wearing an actual blush, simply because it is more subtle and look more natural. A blush can be really out there; you're generally able to notice it by looking at one's beauty look. Opting for a bright rose blush that isn't too pigmented or, that you simply won't apply on too much, will mimic to perfection those lively colours you can naturally get from an adrenaline rush of lots of excitement !


Before Cara Delevingne, there was Cher Horowitz and who ever said that eyebrows should match your hair colour was seriously disturbed. In fact, the colour of your eyebrows should really compliment your hair's rather than play twinsie. This is a pretty common trick to shapen your look and give more dimension to your face. After all, eyebrows are the frame of the face, you want them to stand out nicely ! Same goes for coloured and darker hair; try to find the right colour to pair your brows with. In doubt, just head over to your closest Sephora location; there crew is incredibly well trained on colour and eyebrow work !


So we already agreed that sometimes, less is more. The no makeup makeup trend has been back for a few seasons now and although it is one of the most popular trend of the moment, it seems like note everyone agrees on what actually is a no makeup makeup look. Let me break it down for you to understand better… Yes, a no makeup makeup look actually includes cosmetics ;) Not a lot though, only some good basics. My personal take on a good minimalist beauty look requires a mattifying face primer, my favourite BB Cream (or a light coverage foundation) and a highlighting concealer, some eyebrow gel, a rosy blush (as previously discussed!), a nude lip balm and a mascara matching the colour of you eyelashes. Pretty simple huh ? Thing is, when I think of no makeup makeup, I think of how I can correct my natural complexion's flaws (breakouts, blackhead, bigger pores, blemishes, redness…) while still highlighting my natural features (darker eyelids, brighter T-Zone, flushy cheeks, freckles…).

Who else agrees ?


It may sound weird but to me, contouring is like the holy grail of makeup artistry. I don't know if it's because it took me years to actually understand how to contour my face properly, or just because I think it looks good on litteraly everyone, but there's definitely something about contouring ;) And now that I've mastered it, it has become my go-to beauty look for nights out to dinner parties to Fashion Weeks to campaign shoots, and so on… I believe the best tips I could give you guys about contouring is that practice makes (almost!) perfect ;) There is no 'right way' to contour and I think it's pretty hard to teach someone how to properly execute such a technique because everyone's faces are different. Therefore, no one should contour the same. 

That said, there are still so bases you should probably know:
1) Highlight the parts of your face the day light hits naturally (forehead, bridge of your nose, under eyes, cupid's bow & chin);
2) Contour the parts of your face marked by a shadow when your facing daylight (hollow of your cheeks, along forehead, along jaw line, sides of your nose bridge);
3) Highlight using a shade lighter than your complexion (I like a good pressed powder foundation with full coverage but a concealer is a great option too!), contour using a darker shades than your complexion (a matte brown is optimal but bronzer do pretty good jobs as well!).



The closest one could get to the ultimate natural glowing skin would be when coming back from a trip to the Islands or so. But, since we can't just go on vacation every two weeks to work on our natural glow, we need to opt for something much more out of hand's reach; illuminizers, enlightening pressed powders, bronzers and shimmers. I find that the perfect way to use such cosmetics is to think about natural highlights (see Master The Art of Contouring), but instead using a matte, lighter foundation, I like to go for my favourite enlightening pressed powders...



Last but not least is probably my favourite beauty trend of the moment (and so is Cher's!), the nude lips. Compliments to perfection a bright skin tone, rosy cheeks, dark eyebrows, the no makeup makeup look, a good contouring and a glowing complexion ;) It's like an all-pass lip look for every single beauty looks out there and is pretty much achievable in a matter of seconds. When it comes to nude lips, I don't always use a lip liner because letting the lipstick colour travel a little from outside my natural lip line can simple benefit my look, making it appear more natural. That said, when it comes to the glamorous nude pout, a lip liner is mandatory !

Nude lips can be sexy, girly, sultry, feminine, masculine, androgenic, poised, chic, sophisticated, well, it can be pretty much anything you'd want it to be. I personally like to pair a nude lips with a very bold eye makeup or a natural beauty look. I like to go for light-coverage lipsticks or simple lip balms, as I find a very matte, full coverage colour can be hard to manage from time to time. Plus, I hate when a makeup looks to caky, it makes me want to swipe a layer off with my makeup removing cloths ;)


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