5 Travel Apps That Will Take Care of The Holiday Stress

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Let's face it; tech has taken over the world and nowadays, we’re on our phones all the time. Question is, are we using that time efficiently? There are now so many apps out there that can simplify and organize our lives on a daily (sometimes, hourly!) basis and so today, I wanted to discuss five mobile apps that make my life easier whenever I'm on the go. As a frequent traveler, these are coming in very handy…

Urbanologie is like an international private members' club in your pocket. It will keep you informed with up-to-the-minute news, including the latest pop-ups and events, and the most anticipated restaurant, bar, club and hotel openings. Giving you a point of contact at the most exclusive and upmarket venues around the world, the app will also help you get the most out of your experience, tipping you off about the best table in a restaurant or a must-try signature dish. With insider guides for nine hot spots so far (more to come I'm sure!); London, Mallorca, Montenegro, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Miami & Ibiza, Urbanologie is your key to a luxury insider experience when abroad.

Editor's note: The app is free to download although there is a cost for actually using it. Their membership starts off at $160 annually which can be a little bit pricy if you don't intend to make a regular use of it. So here's an invitation code to access a free trial period to Urbanologie: WEWANTU. Simply enter the invitation code when registering but, hurry up! there is limited availability.

TripIt will provide you with your own personal assistant who is always one step ahead. Its master itinerary organises all your travel plans in one place; just forward your confirmation emails to TripIt (hotel, flight, car rental, restaurant bookings, the lot) and they will automatically transform them into one single orderly schedule. The app provides instant on-the-go access to your itinerary wherever you are. Poor phone reception? Tripit has that covered, allowing you to access your itinerary offline, also helping you to avoid roaming charges when travelling. From your flight confirmation number to the directions to your hotel when you land, TripIt will help make your holiday as logistically smooth as possible.

PackPoint provides you with the ultimate packing list, making sure you never forget anything ever again. You select your holiday destination, travel dates, purpose of travel (business or pleasure) and the activities you're planning on enjoying, and PackPoint will generate a custom packing list for your trip. The app cleverly checks the weather during your dates and takes your holiday plans into account so the list it builds will fill all your travel needs. You can even connect PackPoint to TripIt, looping your packing list in with the rest of your holiday itinerary. If that's not smart travel, I don't know what is.

If you're tired of every tourist guide citing the same old recommendations, Indie Guides is the app for you! Its series of city companions will show you an alterative side of each metropolis, spotlighting the cultural, creative, artistic and undiscovered highlights of the city. Listing just 50 addresses for each destination – all handpicked by local creatives – accessing the app is like reading a travel recommendation list from a native friend. You can even use the app's map offline, so you'll always know where you are, and filter venues by those that are open.

Editor's note: There are currently 17 guides (1 Asian city, 11 European cities and 5 American cities)  available at the very low cost of $2.79 each, Montreal and Paris being free for the moment. And I heard that a New York City guide is on its way, marvey!

This flight tracker and airport guide is a must-have for all flyers, both frequent and few and far between. It takes care of your journey right from check-in up until you land, with a real-time status that keeps you updated with flight, check-in and boarding times, as well as providing airport tips, currency and weather information, and in-airport navigation maps for thousands of airports and international airlines. The tips section will tell you where to find the best restaurants in the airport, where you can charge your phone, and where you can access free Wi-Fi. App in the Air even works offline, with any gate changes or flight status updates being delivered by SMS. Added bonus: it's compatible with your Apple Watch so your updates can arrive straight to your wrist.

Adapted from the post Best Travel Apps which appeared first on Harper's Bazaar UK **

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