5 Rules of Dressing Through a Heatwave

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Temperatures are up here in Montreal and as much as we, Canadians, love to enjoy a nice sunny day out, which often comes along with a gorgeous sun-kissed tan, dressing up appropriately during a heat wave is, for obvious reasons, not exactly this country's strong suit. I remember how easy and stress-free it was to dress during my University years, on which I would usually take up on Summer classes for extra credits. I mean, as long as I was wearing something, it really could have been anything! Now that I am a professional, I don't have the luxury to come into the office wearing denim cut-off's, crop tops and 10 years-old Converse sneakers. Instead, I rely on my 5 rules to mastering the art of dressing through a higher temps…


Slim-fitting garments can easily feel uncomfortable as the temperature rises, since their not necessarily made of breathable fabrics. Instead of your favourite pair of Lululemon leggings of that ribbed, body con midi dress you love so much, pick loose-fitting, lightweight fabrics such as cotton, tulle or silk. A flared dress, palazzo pants or an airy jumpsuit are great options if you don't want to trade comfort for style in your daywear.


How crisp and clean does an all-white ensemble looks on a warm, sunny day? Truth is, it has been scientifically proven that dark clothes heat up faster than white clothes in the sun. So if you are going to be spending a lot go time outside, light-colored garments are your best bet at feeling comfortable through the entire day. Not to mention the unmentionable, sweat spots aren't as visible on white fabrics so you should avoid wearing colours that show sweat patches more noticeably. Whether you go for a dress, a pantsuit combo or one-pieces, in the Summer, keep cool in bright, lightweight whites!

Check out this all-white ensemble alternative here and here.


When the sun comes out, the first thing on our minds often is to start dressing lighter. Much lighter. Like, slim to no clothes at all, lighter ;) Make no mistake, soft, supple garments provide a nice shade to your body which will allow it to cool down as oppose to over-baring skin. On warm, windy days, I love to go for a light, maxi dress that takes me from day to night without braking a sweat!


Less is more. Very often, the most simple outfit is the best outfit. Over accessorizing can be detrimental to your everyday comfort, especially in the Summer. Instead, opt for the usual combinations; polo and skirt, white tee and shorts, shirt-dresses and dad's hat… And leave the add-on's and the layering game for the Fall and Winter seasons, you'll have plenty opportunities to stack up your favourite pieces when the weather drops, believe me ;)


Last but not least, the most important thing you can wear on a Summer day is a good sunscreen! Ah, got you there ;) Remember that being fully clothed doesn't give you a 100% protection against  harmful UV rays. Remember guys, protection from the sun is essential to keep the skin looking healthy and youthful! Which is why, during Summer, I like to use a lightweight, liquid sunscreen with an SPF of 20 as my day body moisturizer and a SPF 15 make-up base or tinted moisturizer on my face.

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