5 Fashion Trends We Learned Form Clueless

Friday, July 22, 2016

Do you prefer "Fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"..?

Can you believe our favourite blockbuster from the 90's is turning 21 years old this month ? 21 years of sass, giggles, wisdom and gorgeous outfits just went by while it seems like the famed movie was airing  for the first time just a little while ago. I mean, seriously, who hasn't been completely obsessed over Dionne's sense of Fashion, Tai's incredibly chill vibe and Cher's... Well, Cher's everything; from a colorful and kind personality, to a breathtaking beauty, to an undeniable faith in great love. Not to mention that all of theses gals truly knew how to pull off an outfit and how to keep-up with trends that lasted over two decades now. Let's look into it a little deeper…


Oversized blazers have been a thing since the 80's but Clueless showed a more polished version of the outerwear garment, making it super versatile and easy to wear on the daily. They're the best option for an unconventional Autumn jacket and an essential to achieve the boyfriend look (along with BF jeans!). You can wear an oversized blazer along with skinny dress pants for a modern twist on the woman's corporate suit or you can simply layer it on your shoulders with harem pants, a white tee and a nice pair of sandals for a night out in town. Also, shootout to the timeless white button-down shirts, newly trendy silver footwear and raging knee-high sock game !


Speaking of button-down, if you don't own a front button-down skirt yet, you better head over to the closet Forever 21/H&M/River Island/Mango/you get the picture around. This is one of the biggest must-haves this season and promises to be so, for a long time coming. So it's like making an investment! Fast-Fashion retailers will have a wide variety of options for very good prices while designers created their own original versions of the 90's classic, twisting it up with their signature styles, for a slightly higher price. My top three button-down's included LOFT, Carven and Etienne Marcel ;)


Plaid has been one of the oldest and most worn pattern all-around the world for more than five centuries, mostly because associated to monarchy and posh lifestyle. Although it is such a timeless print, it can become extremely old-fashioned if worn the wrong way. Worn the right way though, it is one of those trends that anyone could pull-off, making a major Fashion statement ! Cher and Dionne certainly knew how to sport their classic suits back in 1995, without looking too generic. It is all about appropriating yourself the pattern in the right colour, shape, length and accessorizing it well. Cher's inclination for the colour yellow is such a character statement; bold, happiness-seeker and goal digger !


With all do respect for the infamous LBD, a new slip dress is slowly making its way back to the top and it's the little red one ! Of course, Cher knew right away that such a piece in such a colour was a go-getter for the perfect entrance at anytime; she made sure to sport it in a more casual but still Beverly Hills way, while attending a party in the Valley, and to dress it up in a sultry, sexy but very PG-13 kinda-way for a date night with Christian. I'm pretty confident it would have worked if Christian wasn't actually a cake boy but hey, A+ for effort !

I am such a fan of this one, this one and that one too.


Last but not least, the black and white sporty trend. A huge thanks to mind-blowers like Muehleder, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney who single-handedly brought back this genius Fashion genre to life a few seasons ago. Other brands like Alala, FILA, River Island and Pierre Hardy kept-up with it, making it what it is today in the high-Fashion industry. Sportswear no longer have to remain in your gym locker, that's a fact, but if you feel like styling-up a bit your athleisure game, be our guest ;)

Which of these trends are you currently rocking? Feel like trying on a new one this Summer?

Have a great day guys, I'm outtie !

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