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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ever felt like 24 hours somehow just isn't enough time in a day ? Lately I've been busy, busy, busy... Busy with work, busy with the blog, busy at home, busy working out, busy going out(!), you get the picture ;) Keeping yourself occupied on a daily basis is healthy and good, I highly encourage it. But sometimes, it feels like I have got so much on my plate I can barely even find time to actually enjoy all those things that keep me on duty 24/7.

Which is why, when one of my girlfriends suggested that we all spend the long weekend of Victoria Day downeast in Winter Harbor, Maine, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to slow things off a bit for a few days. A girl's weekend with my besties was the perfect way to stop stressing about life and reconnect with each other, which we did !

In fact, I got to spend extra quality time with one of my closest friends, Fannie, during which, we shot these images right by the house we rented for the weekend. I am head-over-heels obsessed with this simple yet, uber feminine, flower embossed, white lace dress I scored at, wait for it... Garage, not too long ago ! I know, right ;) It's a very light and breezy fit and flare dress with a sheer middle and the cutest scallopped hem making it look like it could also be one of those super popular two-pieces set. And above all, it looked just amazingly right paired with my brand new ASOS floppy staw hat baring my favourite quote of all: I'm busy ! I find it also works perfect as a beach hat when all you want to do is lay down and nap under the sun. I can assure you, you won't be disturbed ;)

Hump day calls for keeping up the good work everyone, have a great one !

I was wearing...

Michael Kors croc embossed mini-bag (similar here and here)

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