#TBT Swimming Pool of the 90's

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hi, hi !

Glad to be back online on this Thursday afternoon. I have been dying to share my last images from Miami with you guys and, well, I did save the best for last, if you want my opinion ;) Today, I want to chat Nike, swimming pools & 90's silhouettes; the sexy, the sporty and the minimalist.

I have mentioned it countless times on the blog, swimwear of the 90's is back and this year, better than ever ! To me, those were the glory days of swimwear, referencing a supermodel era where sporty, body-conscious silhouettes were a running theme in Fashion. The bodacious, red-clad babes of Baywatch, for instance, really did work their magic on me and my taste in swimwear has never fully recovered ever since I watched the all-American TV hit pilot's. Even though I tend to stray from the nineties at times (an ex with excellent taste in swimsuits remained categoric on the fact that bustier bikini tops and tied-side bottoms suited best my body type!), the style I always return to is the maillots I spent my early years frolicking in, poolside.

Nowadays, the new 90's swimwear has come of age and athletic bathing suits end up being right in sync. with the current wave of sport-luxe Fashion. The fit, the cuts and the material definitely are smarter and more upscale, but the suits still carry around that spirit of the late decade. I, for myself, managed to keep up with it (the spirit that is!), sporting other iconic statements of the nineties, boxer braids, achromatic white Air Force 1's and a good old bucket hat. How real is that ?

Hair: Oribe Miami
Make Up: Clinique

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