Pulling Into Departure Stress-Free & Dress to Kill

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


One of the things I hate the most when traveling is being either tired, sick or both, when pulling into departure. Feeling sick makes your cranky and impatient which, to me, is like the biggest no-no for a frequent traveler. Patience is key people, you are not the only ones on a tight schedule ! On the other hand, feeling sleepy is also a perfect set-up to forget stuff, mix-up gates and assigned seating, and, in the worst case scenario, not be quick enough to respond given an emergency situation.

Therefore, no matter what my departure time is, I always make sure to get a good night sleep the night before in order to pull through the day like a champ. !

Water vs. Coffee

Sure, catching the 6 o'clock flight in the morning or the last one of the day, can make your daily cuppa seem like heaven on earth yet, it might just not be what you actually need to feel like you're on top of your game. Thing is, a cup of coffee, or tea for that matter, will indeed give you this boost of energy at first, but will also dehydrate your body at the same time. And what is the most common symptom of dehydration aside form thirst..? Sleepiness.

So you're basically back to square one. I recommend drinking both, alternatively, or stick with water to feel energized and revitalized in no time ! Plus, at over 10,000 feet above the ground, when the relative humidity level drops from our cozy 50-60% to the harsh 10% it is maintained at, in-flight, your body will thank you for opting for hydrating fluids prior to taking off ;)

Sweater: Loyal Hana | Socks: Happy Socks | Boots: Target | Water bottle: Boxed Water


One thing that saddens me a bit about air-travel style is that, no one dresses up to fly anymore. Flying seems to have lost its certain je-ne-sais-quoi that was, nevertheless, a big part of the travel culture. Airport style, that is ! I mean, I get it, no one wants to spend hours running around in stilettos or dress shoes, tight pencil skirts and fitted shirts or tailored suits and bow ties. But one can still manage to dress-up any casual outfit into something totally comfy, totally chic ! And just like that, athleisure was born ;)

When traveling to colder destinations, I opt for jogger pants, a basic white tee, sports bra and a cozy coat that'll get me from the airport to my hotel room, safe and sound (and warm!). When I'm heading down South, I usually go for dark leggings, a matching sports bra (no top needed!) and a light coat/vest just 'cause hey, you ain't hanging around in your living room all by yourself. Dare to bare some skin but don't go overboard with it ! Sneakers are mandatory at all times.

Of course, I always throw an extra shirt or sweater in my carry-on in case of unexpected layovers. Keep in mind that an overnight stop in Chicago on your way to Miami will be an absolute nightmare with nothing but gym clothes on ;) #truestory

Leggings: Joe Fresh | Sports Bra: Nike | Coat: Ports 1961 | Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1 Mid

In-Flight Beauty

Let's be honest, traveling by plane is much more glamorous on social media than in reality ;) It doesn't always have to be though ! My best tip to actually look rested upon arrival is to pack a small pouch filled with travel size beauty essentials that you can pull out of your handbag at any time, when needed. My in-flight beauty routine always involves a thermal water spay to refresh my skin and prevent dehydration, under-eye masks or an eye cream to avoid puffiness around the eye area, facial cleansing wipes, a daily moisturizer, an uber-hydrating and lip balm, BB cream for that I-slept-8-hours-straight glow, tooth brush & paste, deodorant, fast absorbing hand cream and my favourite fragrance.

Some people get all hesitant and shy when it comes to beauty prepping on board, but I say, what the hell ! No one actually cares about my on-the-go beauty regimen and worst case scenario, they might find it amusing. As amusing as they'll look like when deplaning with a dull skin, bags under their eyes and messy hair like they don't care (they actually do!). Hey, I'm kidding here ! Almost ;)


When traveling, my carry-on bag is like the second most important thing I bring along on board (the first one being my passport, duh!). I try to fit in there, everything that I need to use on a daily basis such as my laptop or iPad, HD camera, chargers and adapters, spare clothing, Advil's, my personal phone and my work phone, my wallet, travel size cosmetics, snacks and travel documents. Think of your carry-on as the one and only thing you'll have access to if anything were to happen; delays, cancelled flights, overnight layover, emergency landing, baggage loss… This (scary!) thought only should get you covered ;)

Weekender: Kailey's Monogram Shop | Sandals: Sole Society | Panama Hat: Sole Society 

Only the most important thing you can think of when traveling international. Losing your passport would basically be like losing your identity and God knows how immigration departments LOVE knowing exactly every single detail about yourself ;) Joking aside, it can actually save you (and your Embassy!) an incredible amount of problems to simply store you passport somewhere safe and to always have accurate knowledge of where it is. One of the best things I have done to bring some awareness to myself was to get a passport holder. It makes my I.D. easy to spot, easy to carry-around and prevents it from getting dirty or all squished.

Quick and easy (and jail time free!).

Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1 Mid | Passport Holder: Burberry
Credit Card/Currency

Prior to any trip, I always make sure to stop by my bank to buy foreign currency as they generally offer the lowest buying rate. Having some extra cash on hand is always a good idea as many airport amenities, from vending machines, to SmartCarts, to shuttles and taxis, won't necessarily let you pay by card. Plus, the currency exchange desk at the airport will charge you the craziest fees to convert your money !

Also, if you plan on using your credit card abroad, remember to call you credit institution to let them know international transactions are going to be made. This will keep them from blocking your account as a safety measure, and have you call them all the way from your travel destination to fix it up.


And last but not least, airport food is probably the most exciting part about traveling (the actual 'traveling' part!) if you ask me ;) Depending on which airport you depart from, arrive at, connect from, the culinary opportunities and endless and very often, amazing ! Guys, I kid you not. As a matter of fact, I happen to have had the best fish & chips at Heathrow, the most delightful waffles and sugar at Brussel's, unbelievable jerk chicken and sweet plantain at Sangster International and mouth watering southern fried chicken at, yup!, Hartsfield-Jackson.

Nowadays, almost every airline company offer complementary snacks on board but I would recommend double-checking and making sure your's does. If not, just make a quick stop at your gate's closet Café to re-stock on fuel; you never know when you'll get a mid-flight craving ! If you prefer to purchase food on board, remember to keep cash (in the right currency!) or a credit card available.

If you are boarding a 5-hours+ flight, chances are you will get a full-on three courses meal on board therefore, you don't necessarily need to bother grabbing snacks prior to departure; airplane food is pretty filling I find. But hey, your call !

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