2016, Welcome !

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy 7th day of 2016 everyone !

I hope you all got to enjoy a wonderful Holiday season with your loved ones, have some rest before the beginning of the new year and reflect on everything 2015 has brought and taught you. I, myself, decided to take a bit of a break from the blogging scene these past few weeks for personal reasons which I'll get to explain pretty soon in an upcoming post. All I can say for now is that, recent events that occurred in my life had me put it on hold for a little while, so I could take the time to reevaluate what it is that I really want. Just in time for some new resolutions, huh ? Life has such a weird sense of humour, I find.

Now, the one million dollar question is, do I want to be happy ? It's a pretty fair question keeping in mind that at times (and I'm sure you've experienced this too!), I was perfectly find with being unhappy or simply didn't care. Thing is, as long as I was feeling something, I was good to go ! As a writer, what I'm feeling is what I will create and creativity is like my daily bread. No creativity equals no income. So to me, or at least to my old-self, feeling happy, unhappy, ecstatic, depressed, nervous, sad, guilty, empowered… It was all kind of the same thing, a solid source of income.

But then, I came across the thought of keeping feelings alive, only this time, positive ones. That could work out too, right ? A very important thing I realized in 2015 is that, when it comes to happiness, life goals and high expectations in succeeding at what you want, you CAN have your cake and eat it too.

So what is happiness ? How do you decide that, from now on, you will remain happy ? I guess it's all a matter of doing what you really want. You see, someone I shared some of the most important and meaningful years of my life with once told me that, you can't always get exactly what you want and, it is not always going to work out as you'd like. Sometimes, you have to do things you don't want to, in order to get what you want… You want to know what I think ? It isn't true. It doesn't have to be like that ! What if there was a way to combine stuff that you want to do, stuff that you need to do and stuff that you love to do ? Isn't that a better alternative ?

Therefore, I would assume that, in my case, it would involve finding those hobbies of mine I can benefit from in more than just on way; one to make myself money, one to keep myself in shape and one to be creative. Sounds about just right !

And for that matter, I think I don't really need to look very far to find that hobby that will fill-up my bank account… It should no longer be a surprise to anyone, PBTH is my all-time pride and joy, and there isn't a single moment where I regret getting myself involved in such a crazy world. Never in a million years would I have thought that I could actually make a living out of it. Of course, I can't live off my blog entirely at this time, I mean, things aren't just that simple(!), but it is definitely one of my goals for 2016. Let's see in 12 months where that'll leave me...

2015 hasn't necessarily been the healthiest of years for me. I mean, it wasn't bad, just not great either. I still went to the gym on an average of two times a week and I still ate well-enough to maintain an overall feel-great weight for that matter. But I also travelled a lot, which involved eating out (often!), very little sleep and (way!) too much caffeine. When I'm traveling I don't usually make time for a daily workout since all I can think about is work, work, work!, which, you guessed it, led to a couple colds, a couple flus and exhaustion.

This year, I want to actually make time to live healthier, whether I am home or abroad. I even took the liberty to renew my membership at Midtown Athletic Club in Montreal (for my days home!), to get myself more excited about my daily workouts (being optimistic here!). Yes, as a former member of the Midtown Clubs, I know how expensive a membership with them can get but, it is one of those things that I want to do for myself, now that I can afford it. If you happen to visit their Montreal, Rochester or Chicago installations at some point this year, I'll most likely be on the Tennis courts; come and say hi !

FYI, join Midtown's before January 10th and pay no initiation fees ! Sounds like a great bargain right here ;)

It goes without saying, I chose a job that allowed me to travel a lot because I enjoy traveling more than anything in the whole world. Maybe even more than writing (Uh oh, did she really?)… I did, I did (laughs!), but the thing is, it all comes together at the end of the day. I wrote a little bit about the importance of being creative in the work that I do but the truth is, it is important to be creative in life in general ! To me, traveling is the most resourceful way to gather my thoughts, innovate and inspire new ideas. 85% of the work/content/ideas/pitches that I produce are based and initiated by my experiences and discoveries abroad.

*** For the records, the other 5 percents left are love, friendship and laughter ***

In 2016, I want to travel more and in a meaningful way. I want those trips to actually mean something more than pretty snaps and gorgeous flat-lays. I mean, do not get me wrong, afternoons at Ladurée, up in the clouds shots and #fromwhereistand pictures are super fun, but what about actually living these moments and reading into it ? What about making memories for yourself and not just for everyone to see ?

Another goal that is really important for me to achieve within the coming year, is to turn more ideas into reality. Moreover, I want to be able to follow throughout conviction and, well, let's say it; get sh*t done ! No really. Thing is, I have always been a bit of a procrastinator (read, lazy-ass!) when it comes to getting work down and putting in extra effort when I don't feel like it. I am extremely hard-working most of the time but, when something bothers me or affects me in a way or another, I sort of become this useless slob that only wants to stay in bed and watch Vanderpump Rules… In 2016, I will watch Vanderpump Rules to congratulate myself for having put in the efforts into making something great happen, how about that ?

Last notes before I officially put back on my Valentino Rockstuds' and begin 2016 strong; if I want to be happy and make things happen, there is one thing left for me to do and it's letting go of what's gone, being grateful for what remains and looking forward to what is coming.

Something that is not easy for anyone to do yet, I'm not anyone. Neither are you ;) LET'S DO THIS !

Happy New Year everyone & Welcome, 2016 !

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