14 Most Terrific Moments From the Golden Globes 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

There really isn't anything like kicking off the new year with a heavy dose of Red Carpet Fashion moments and some, well, awkwardly hilarious celebrity interactions, courtesy of official champagne sponsor for the awards, Moët & Chandon ! Yesterday's evening was no exception to the usual madness involved in the history of the Golden Globes and yet, presenters, nominees, winners and guests made damn sure we got to enjoy an amazing show at home, on-stage and off-stage. On purpose, or not ;) Let's take a few minutes this morning to look back at some of the best moments of the 2016 Golden Globe Awards

1. When you just want to let everybody know that not all Latina actresses are the same person.

Editor's note: Because you share the same ethnic background doesn't mean you look ALIKE !

2. When you give bae sh*tty explanations but by some weird, totally confusing, extraordinary miracle she buys it and congratulates you for being so honest with her !

 3. When you win the elections for your 3rd grade class President and your most valuable electoral promise was: If I'm elected, cookies for errrr-body !

4. When you secret crush steps in, right behind you, in queue and all of a sudden, you are SO thankful for the line being that long !

5. When you have to ask yourself this question every morning when going over emails at work…

6. Wanna talk relationship goals ? Find someone who looks at you the way Harrison Ford looked at Oscar Isaac !

7. When you get caught talking trash about someone..!

Editor's not: That side-eye though !

8. When you totally get the joke someone just made but it is just not that funny so you make that "I'm still waiting for the punchline" face...

9. When bae steps on your dress while you are trying to make and entrance and ruins it all.

10. When the power of undeniable friendship really is stronger than anything else ! Dare I say, friendship goals ?

Cue, Awwww's.

11. When someone asks you to showcase your best moves and, deep down, you know it's on point, but you just want to be like: Nah, it's not that good. 

But. You. Just. Know.

12. When someone makes fun of you and you realize that it is actually hilariously accurate ;)

Editor's note: Ain't laughter the best remedy of all ?

13. When your outfit is so on point (thanks to Calvin Klein's undeniable aesthetic perfection!), you just end up being plain goals !

14. When the whole squad starts roasting you and you're not sure what will come out and what won't ! Also, when you realize today is Monday and the Golden Globes are over… (sight!)

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