5 Ways Hiking Will Improve Your Life This Winter

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

If there’s one thing outdoor people can agree on, it’s that a day spent hiking through nature may be the ultimate mood-boosting alternative to an afternoon at the gym or supercharged spin cycle class ! In a conscious effort of staying healthy during the colder months (God knows how easy it is to just wrapped yourself up in a bunch of warm blankets and roll your way through Winter eating carbs and, more carbs!) I made to myself (and to Karl!) the promise that I would undertake a new type of physical activity that would take me out of my comfort zone. Hiking, that is ;) Thing is, I didn't just decide to start hiking because it's the new cool thing to do (it is!). Turns out, outdoor hiking has a ton of benefits that will improve the way you live on many levels ! Here are my top five reasons down below; Winter fitness enthusiasts take notes…

Get fitter

Everyone needs to spend at least one hour per day exercising, that's a fact. Now, for those who dislike extreme forms of exercise, hiking is a natural, gentle way to work out your mind and body. You can push yourself hard up an incline or you can stroll leisurely on a flat path; the important thing is that your body is out and moving !

Spend time with friends

It goes without saying, hiking definitely is a group thing (or at least a two people activity!). Because it can be tailored to anyone's abilities, strengths and weaknesses, it can easily be enjoyed by a group of friends, trying to stay in good shape all year long while still be able to make time for their loved ones. Plus, exercising is always more fun, more challenging and also, more motivating with good company by your side ;)

Boost immunity

Exercise, including hiking, revs up your metabolism, challenges your muscles and makes you sweat, but it has also been well documented that nature walks have a profound effect on our immune systems. Not only hiking on a regular basis can help increase your white blood cell level by a whopping 40%!, but walks in nature decrease your stress hormone cortisol level, which kept in excess can seriously impact your immune functions.

Get perspective

Studies have shown how healing nature can be for mind and spirit; there just is something about getting away from the buzz of the big city, even if it's only for an hour or so, and recharge your internal battery without getting distracted by anything. Getting to witness that life is about much more than just work, social media, money and busy lifestyle is one of the greatest gift the world has to offer and most importantly, it comes without a cost.

Boost creativity

Did you know that kids who spend more time outdoor will have longer attention spans than their indoor-dwelling counterparts ? If, lately, you’ve been feeling blocked inside your work environement or your creative ventures, a hike may be just what the doctor ordered to get those inspiration cogs spinning again, as immersing yourself in nature not only improves creativity, but also cognitive function.

On a sidenote, if you happen to be in Montreal tomorrow night, you can come and hang out with myself and the kick-ass team behind the fundraising event 'En Route Vers le Sommet', a humanitarian initiative benefiting the Canadian Cancer Society ! The charity night revolving around the thematic of mountaineering will be held on November 26th, from 7PM to 3AM, at Espace Reunion located on Hutchison St. at Beaubien West.

What to expect ?

The most amazing time to the sound of DJ Matheus, with tons of gifts and surprises, courtesy of the event's sponsors including Molson Canadian Premium Lager, Café Liégois and Louwana Creek. Additionally, if attending you will be required to come dressed-up accordingly with the theme of the night, as this edition of 'En Route Vers le Sommet' also is a costumed party ;) Prizes for the best costume of the night are to be expected !

Who can come ?

You are 18 and over ? Come and join the fun ! There will be a dope hiking-flavoured drinking menu that won't have you break the bank (we're talking $3,50 beers and $4,50 cocktails!) and all profits will go to the Canadian Cancer Society. Now that is what I call partying for a good cause !

Where an I buy my ticket ?

Head over here to purchase you ticket for the night, ranging from $25 to $35. A tax receipt will be issued for any donations exceeding $20. Hurry up before it sells out, I was told the event is limited to a capacity of 300 guests !

Need I say more ? See you there folks ;)

Photo courtesy of Horngry

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