Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy, happy Thursday everyone !

I am so glad to be back on my daily grind, the accurate kind; as if Fashion Week season was anything ordinary and humdrum, right ? I think the hardest for me is to actually not be able to write for PBTH everyday during Fashion month and it comes down to a point were I really miss it ! All I've been wanting to do these past few days was to get online and write about all those amazing moments I was experiencing. Well, now that I'm back from Europe, I'll have plenty of time to do so…

Starting with the collection preview which kicked-off my Fashion Week in London, J. JS LEE. Jackie's new Spring line was everything you dream you warmer seasons would be like; light, playful yet, elegantly structured and tailored. Let's not forget that the J. JS LEE woman is a contrasting mix of a strong professional with an equally fun, casual side, revealing her carefree inner self. These were clothes the modern woman (you and I, ladies!) could slip into her wardrobe immediately and make it pleasantly breezy and easy to translate well from daily wear to after hours'.

Jackie and runway help-stylist, Hanna Kelifa, really enhanced the energetic approach the designer had previously build her collection around, with a 70's Californian inspired silhouette that, let's face it, is way more relaxed that what can be seen here on the East coats. I'm talking oversized, sports infused, voluminous shapes toned down a notch by Lee's signature minimalist tailoring. The collection also featured classic black shift dress, sleeveless vest (a current favourite of mine!), super mini-skirt suits and fluid spaghetti-strap beach tunics coming in a soft colour palette of honey blonde, combined with multi-striped candy pink, salt-water powder blue and parrot green; very soft, gentle and easy of the eye.

I am really hoping to score a few tunics and twin-sets here and there for my trips down South during the Holidays. Maybe by then, the full production will be on its final touches and the collection, ready for a pre-order ? Fingers crossed, my friends ;)

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