Thursday, October 22, 2015

So, Drake has finally released the video for his summer track "Hotline Bling," and after watching of the first (of many, many!) time, the Booty Call-themed sequence did raise a few questions in my mind just like I'm sure it did with many people's... WHERE can I buy this gorgeous mock-neck gray sweater and HOW can I get my boyfriend to wear it everyday !? 


It wouldn't be honest to say that I have been more interested and impressed by Drizzy's songwriting skills and musical intelligence (he owns both, don't get me wrong!) than by his strong style game. Let's face it, the guy can dress and good, apparently ! And, as I have recently been challenged by a friend to create actual men's Fashion content for the blog in order to widen my audience, I thought it migh be the perfect occasion to take up on that challenege and well, share a few inside tips and tricks on how to pull of Fall Fashion like you're part of the OVO dinasty…

1. Moncler's 'Maya' Lacquered Nylon Jacket
available at, $1,150

Sometimes it takes the French to take a functional garment and make it fashionable. Moncler is one such brand ! The first time Drake appears in the video he’s sporting a shiny, cherry-red Moncler 'Maya' down puffer jacket, one of the brand's famous iconic styles. Here, rich and luxurious details combine with classic styling to make for an unmistakable jacket. Moncler jackets are now an iconic part of the European Winter sports scene and the now Italian own brand has also introduced other cold weather essentials into its menswear collection, from handmade jumpers, to kintted scarves and hats, to wools sweaters. And while there may be many equally well-established Winter sportswear brands out there, few can match the highly stylized look and appeal of pieces like the one Drake has been seen sporting in Hotline Bling.

2. Nike Jordan 23/7 'Jumpman' T-Shirt
available at, $24,99

Here's a brief history round-up on the iconic white T-Shirt: the piece that now has become an essential feature in our wardrobes actually descends from undergarments worn by Navy men in the 1910's. Once bought in bulk from Kirkland and Ralph Lauren (my boyfriend still buys his in stacks!), it is now a fast Fashion staple and has, with time, gotten the likes of Fashion royalties such as Karl Lagerfeld, who layered it underneath a Chanel signature tweed cardigan, Kanye West, whose collaboration with A.P.C. sold-out faster than you could say 'Heartbreak', and, of course, HRH who styled his white t-shirt game a notch up playing once again, the 'Jumpman' game ;)

3. Nike ACG 'Manoa' Boots
available at, $89,99

No, no, the Timberland-esque boots seen in Hotline Bling's first sequence aren't a rare OVO collaboration... As a matter of fact, they're the way underrated (if you ask me!) Nike ACG Manoa boots, and you can cop a pair at Footlocker for about $90. Pretty cool, huh ? Although these babes aren't looking as smooth at the classic Timberland's to my taste, the Nike ACG Manoa leather boots have proven themselves to be quite the handy pair of footwear to have on hand and can handle whatever Mother Nature has up her sleeve ;) Oh, and koodos to the sick style details these boots feature; and all leather upper and high-top silhouette for a luxe look plus, a sleek Illuminati nod on the tongue. Did you notice ?

4. All-White Nike Air Max 90 Leather
available at, $120,00

A pair of crisp white sneakers should always be part of your rotation no matter what season it is. With the sleek silhouette of the 90 and stellar performance you expect from Nike, these beauties have a modern-retro twist for neck-breaking style ! In Hotline Bling, Drake is basically teaching us how a quality running shoe from the early 90's has been adapted for casual wear and that, if you can pull off the look in a pair of runners, then consider yourself set.

5. October's Very Own 'Original Owl' Black Sweatshirt
available at, $152,00

6. Acne Studios 'Jayden' Gray Ribbed Sweater
available at, $490,00

Now let's move over to the pièce-de-résistance... In the third sequence of Hotline Bling, Drizzy rocks a stunner of a piece by none other than the Swedish Fashion prodigy, Acne Studios, along with a dad beard, baggy OVO sweatpants and wheat Timberland boots. For a definite hit, I would advise you to borrow that exact head to toe look although, the mock-neck jumper itself is way covetable on its own ;) Historically speaking, Drake has been a champion of sweaters, usually the dorky, oversized ones, but in his new video he actually showed himself to be very on-trend and minimalist, which I think is a vibe that suits him quite nicely ! The Jayden knit from Acne Studios is an oversized, box-cut design constructed from a thick, linear ribbed wool fabric which happens to be bang on-trend for Fall 2015.

7. Timberland Wheat 6-Inch Waterproof Boots
available at, $160,00

The sleek timelessness of Timberland boots can hardly be overstated ! While there are several ways to rock your Timb's, from tight, over-the-tongue lacing to loose, invisible knot, Drake pretty much showed off everyone how to wear and style it, and just look plain awesome. Thus, the Timberland 6" boot is practically a requirement of hip-hop style, and has been since the early 90's. They're just a great way for men to dress up, due to many reasons; they are comfortable and waterproof, the materials they're made of doesn't wear out and they're easy to care after. In short, they are practical yet, stylish, and that's something everyone pretty much agreed on right away,  from NaS, to Wu-Tang Clan, to Kanye West, to the 6 God.

8. Storm Bringer Racing Leather Jacket
available at, $243,05

As for a killer finale (and as if the Acne Studios turtleneck wasn't enough!) behold, the motorcycle jacket. This one Drake wore in the vid is a really cool spin on vintage racing jackets which, although it's referencing a 70's kinda look, falls directly in the trend book for this season. Paired with a white hoodie, black jeans and a heavy black Timb's, here's a style lesson by Drizzy on how to keep things cool and chic. #boyfriendgoals

9. Timberland Black 6-Inch Waterproof Boots

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