Thursday, October 8, 2015

Evening guys !

So, as I was saying this morning, really happy to be back in Montreal for a good 5 minutes. I'm just kidding, being back here for a couple days and getting to spend time with my family and Karl has been a real treat; the perfect pause between Fashion Week season and the daily grind. Tomorrow I am off to New York, partially to tie the knot on this Fashion month as I didn't get the chance to actually do NYFW this season, remember ? That mentioned, I am glad to only be leaving tomorrow as tonight marks the official opening of the first COS: Collection of Style store in downtown Montreal !

It's like I never left Europe ;)

Being a long-time advocate of European Fashion and more recently, of Scandinavian's, I was just head-over-heels, totally ecstatic to hear about one of my favourite boutique finally setting foot on the motherland. Tonight, COS brought the understated and very chic flair of Scandinavian aesthetic to Montreal and tomorrow, the doors will open to the public. If you are attempting to be minimalist as part of your general aesthetic, COS will certainly be your next best destination, offering a wide range of basics along with some statement pieces here and there, at prices that are much more Club Monaco than Christian Dior. It’s this dedication to design and simplicity that’s built the label such a loyal following. But for me, it is the accessories that really caught my eye; bold, nouveau-genre, almost like a work of art ! Certainly, pieces of jewelry you will never find anywhere else...

1310 Sainte-Catherine West St.
Montreal, QC, H3G 1P6

Officially opens to the public on October 9th, at noon



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