Thursday, September 10, 2015

Many designers looked to the East this season for inspiration with gold brocaded kimono jackets, rich embroideries with silver flashes, beaded floral motifs from the Ming dynasty and oriental motifs that ooze luxury and glamour. Leave it to the Just Cavalli girl to sport her gold fringed jade gilet set with metal pagoda buttons, with tassels as her new favourite pair of earrings, shown off by some strands of hair pulled behing her ears. Here, her desire for freedom meets the formal balance of Bauhaus, creating an imaginary place where the warmth of romance and the formality of techno merge. As oriental inspired clothing, are weaving stories of opulence and exoticism across the catwalks, an air of androgynous cool is made for tales of the Orient, both astonishing and wild.

But this was potentially a collection that would make Cavalli fall right into his own signature fads (or clichés, depnding on how you see it!) with a mash-up of colours, textures and prints, cleverly decorating Seventies silhouettes bared by the world's tallest, most slender female models walking under huge neon reproductions of traditional Chinese lanterns. Do judge Cavalli or don't but either way, do it on his own terms; that is how he made this FW15 collection a huge success ! Because Just Cavalli, as opposed to the mother house, has its own personality and is not afraid to embrace it.

Put it like this, it had the romance of love, the purity of the Orient and the charm of disco.

Thanks to Just Cavalli and Moroccanoil for having me backstage and seated at the show.

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