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Friday, September 11, 2015

Ever since I got my Mia 2 Clarisonic brush a few years ago, I became obsessed with skin cleansing devices and the incredible results I got from it ! Little did I know, I would end up with 7 ;) (Sigh…) Okay, okay, I must admit seven skin cleansing brushes is a little excessive (even my mother thinks I've gone crazy with this!) but if you know me well, you'll know that if there is one thing I do believe in, it's the importance of investing in a good skincare routine. I mean let's face it, clothes, shoes, bags, they all come and go, but your skin stays for life so why not put your best face forward ?

How does it work ?

Depending on which device you choose to go for, the various pulsating, rotating and vibrating movements of your brush will gently break up surface impurities including dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues. Very often, up to three frequencies of sonic (or non-sonic) pulses will allow a deeper reach into your skin to further break up impurities lodged into your pores. With a cleaner skin, your skincare products will be able to penetrate deeper and work even better, which makes any kind of skin cleansing brush a great add to your skincare regimen. I personally invest a lot(!) in skincare products so it's important and good for me to know that they're 100% effective and that I am getting the most out of it, don't you think ? Here's a round up of my five favourite skin cleansing device, including my daily go-to, the Philips Pure Radiance, my travel options, the Clinique Sonic System and the Mary Kay Skinvigorate, my weekly deeper cleanse, the Clarisonic Mia 2, and my sensitive skin alternative, the Foreo LUNA.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

AND, because I love this new technology so much and just wished everyone could get to enjoy it as much as I do, I teamed up with Clinique and Foreo to make your decision a little easier, if you know what I mean… ;)

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Definitely give them a try, you'll be amazed by the results ! 

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