Backstage at Just Cavalli with Moroccanoil

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hey guys !

Hope everyone enjoyed a great Labour Day weekend these past few days; I got to recover from this impossible cold that stroke me right when I got back to Montreal and to spend time with my family, helping my little brother move into his very first apartment on the University Campus where he'll be studying Psychology for the next three years. Such a big step for him and I couldn't be more proud ! Other than that, I am still trying to stretch out those last days of Summer as much as I can, while keeping my head in the Fashion Month game, which is really just around the corner. Still so many things to figure out and so many emails to send out, but so little time… This is really what Fashion Week season is all about ;)

I often share with you all the magic that happens on the catwalk during presentations and runway shows but don't necessarily mention all the great work that is done backstage prior, during and post presentations/shows. You might catch me in the midst of an interview or taking pictures of the hair and beauty prep before a show via Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat but a backstage access is about so much more than hanging out with cool kids while waiting for it all to begin. It's about tracking down what actually inspired the collection that is about to be unveiled and mentally going through every single detail in the process it took a whole team to put together such an outstanding work of art !

Last February in Milan, I had the opportunity to attend the Just Cavalli and Costume National shows with Moroccanoil and to go backstage with them to find out all about what they envisioned beauty-wise for both presentations. Led by the incredibly telented James Pecis, the Moroccanoil team created a clan of glamorous jetsetters for the Just Cavalli Autumn/Winter 2015 presentation. “The Just Cavalli Girl this season is a wanderlust traveller and leader,” says James. “She knows no boundaries and has a fearlessly strong look. She’s also a little twisted and mysterious, which makes her intriguing and sensual.”

Get the look at home by following those five easy steps…

1. Work Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream into damp hair from root-to-tip, starting at the nape of the neck. Repeat throughout the entire head until you’re back at the top.

2. Create a deep left side-part and clip the hair away from your hairline.

3. Apply Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray point blank onto the roots, as if you are painting it in layered stripes going downwards.

4. Blow-dry on a cool setting with hair wrapped in a net. Flatten hairline down into the face and tuck behind the ears.

5. Once hair is set, finish with another mist of hairspray for long-lasting hold !

Thanks to Just Cavalli and Moroccanoil for having me backstage and seated at the show.

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