Saturday, August 15, 2015

Topshop Unique's most recent presentation definitely proved that designers are still enchanted by a retro revival. This Fall/Winter collection marked a bold, breakthrough forward step for the high street giant as it translated to a clever mix of traditional British references such as aristocracy, dandelion and other botanical prints, flushed English rose cheeks and massive abundance of chunky fur pieces. But instead of falling for the obvious 1970's fad everyone was head-over-heels on board with at the time, the brand opted for a vision that ultimately was more suitable for a longer-term appreciation and anticipated the comeback of the 1980's like the true trendsetters that they are.

The first few looks that made it down the runway screamed posh little birdie, coming straight from grandma's closet, where she may or may have not  have borrowed the old lady's inside out fur coat for her runway in London. This season, the Unique's woman is childish yet, privileged and titled, and plays with codes of luxury; elegant neutrals, oversized cream cable knits, beautiful high-waisted trousers and even the occasional overalls ;) Highlights of the show included a sky blue short skirtsuit, velvet obsession, eighties cocktail dresses, club-ready PVC and crystal embellishments. Expect your next Winter coat to be shearling-everything with weighty fluffy cuffs, and your heavy turtleneck sweaters and tops to be all-white ! You might feel like new bloodlines are going through your veins and all of a sudden, go all 'If I was a rich girl' on us.

This, basically unchanged, girly style code exposes the high demand for a more traditional, feminine genre, which could be less gender bending and more obviously lassie. Definitely a happy medium for me ! And for you ? 

Photo credits: Marcus Tondo/Indigital Images©

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