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Friday, August 7, 2015

Happy happy Thursday guys !

Today, I wanted to share with you not one but FOUR! beauty trends that have been taking over the Sephora community, globally, and that are also always trending with me ;) For this season, Sephora has narrowed down the four most popular beauty looks that define the image of the Sephora Girl; glowing skin, electric eyes, berry lips & feather brows. Don't you agree these are totally awesome for the Summer ? I 100% do ! And to celebrate these amazing trends along with the brand, I decided to share with you my take on each of them…

Starting with the glowing skin !

Let's face it, a glowing skin is every girl's idea of complexion perfect, especially during the Summer season. It's just a really cool trend to go for if you looking to add more colours and dimension to you face while still baring this healthy, natural look. For this beauty look, I started off by apply my Bodyography 'Veil' Clear foundation primer all over my face to create a smooth, even canvas to work on. This is a very important step in all my make up looks as it helps my make up stay in place through the heat and humidity, and created a thin, moisturizing barrier between my complexion and my cosmetics, for boosts of hydration released through the day. Whenever I go for a more radiant complexion look, I want to use a medium to full coverage foundation with a matte finish so the attention is really brought up to the luminescent point of my face, which is why I used Elizabeth Arden 'Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR' foundation; a new long wear liquid foundation that provides flawless, shine-free coverage that lasts for 24 hours. Launched earlier this year, this foundation  boasts advanced shine control ingredients that are time released to absorb oil throughout the day for non-stop complexion perfection.

A great thing with a matte complexion is that you can pair it with pretty much any eye or lip look you want. I personally like to use warm, earthy tones of my eyes simply because I find it gives my a more natural look. Here I used a mix of two colours from Lise Watier's limited edition ‘Rivages’ eye palette: the peachy pink (3rd shade from 1st row) on my lids to give it that nice, bronzed effect, and the deep red bronze (4th shade from 2nd row) on my crease to keep my eyes bright and open. I then defined my look by creating a tiny winged cat eye do, using Elizabeth Arden ‘Sunkissed Pearls’ black gel liner, before finishing my eye look with two coats of my Benefit Cosmetics 'They're Real' mascara in black. To awaken my look, I used Kleancolor's ‘Skin Wish’ BB cream as my concealer because of its thicker, lighter formula that also gives me a great under eye coverage while keeping the area moisturized. I also applied some of that formula on my forehead, along the bridge of my nose, on my cupids bow and on my chin, before setting it with my Colorescience ‘Sun Forgettable’ Tropical Powder Sun Protection

To get this more dewy looking complexion, as well as to set my foundation, I used my all-time favourite face powder, Esthederm's Sun Sheen tinted powder, all around my face, making sure to avoid the areas I had previously concealed and set. This tinted powder from Esthedem is perfect to warm up my complexion and help me achieve this natural, glowing tan that make this look so perfect for Summer ! Even if the focus of this beauty look is the skin, I still want to bare a nice, natural flush on my cheeks so I dabbed a little touch of my Glam Natural ‘You Make Me Blush’ cream blush on my apples to warm up my face a bit more and popped the nice, shimmery highlighter from Elizabeth Arden's ‘Sunkissed Pearls’ bronzer & highlighter duo compact right on top, for that ultimate glowing effect.

Once I got my glow one, I simply needed to pick a nice, rosy lipstick that would match my blush colour and my look was complete !

Up next, is the electric eyes trend !

When I think electric colours, I think shades of blue, green, iridescent colors, a subtle tan and a peachy pout. When wearing such bold, colorful eye look, you don't want to go too overboard with contouring, and highlighting so the overall beauty look hasn't too much going on. A lightweight, light to medium coverage foundation is very often a good option for this type of look, this is why I used Dior's Airflash line to help me achieve a flawless complexion and a matte finish. I prepped my eyes with Benefit Cosmetics 'Stay Don't Stray' eyeshadow primer on which, I used four different colours from Make Up Forever's Artist Shadow collection to give my eyes more dimension. I started off with the shade Celestial Blue which I applied on the inner corners of my eyes, before moving on to the shade Lagoon Blue, which I used all over my lids as my transition colour. I went over my crease and the outer corners of my eyes with the shade Electric Blue and along my bottom lashes line, using the shade Emerald.

For the very first time, I also got to try Benefit Cosmetics  Beyond Blue 'They're Real!' Push-Up Liner & mascara to complete my eye look and add-on to my bright coloured eye look ! I absolutely ADORE the new push-up liner, I think it makes lining much easier if, like myself, you are not very good at it. I went back to Dior Beauty to give a little colour flush to my cheeks, using their 'Rosy Glow' Awakening Blush. Nice peachy-keen lips completed this beauty look, using e.l.f. Studio lipbalm enriched with SPF 15 in the shade Peach and Lise Watier's Magic Lip Colour Enhancer.

Our third big trend of the Summer season is, berry lips !

Now berry coloured lips can certainly be interpreted in various ways, from a lighter, pinker, strawberry-like shades to darker, blackberry-like tones. My twist on a berry lip look has a bit of a modern feel to it, mixing  some deeper and darker colours to red undertones. I simply find this suits my complexion the best while staying on trend ;) In order to play with such dark tones, I needed my complexion to be bright and even, and Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Genius Gel' foundation and 'Remedy' concealer pen helped me achieve that type of finish. The concealer pen has a metallic tip which creates a cooling effect that will help taking away any puffiness under your eyes. I like to blend it away with a concealing brush over my foundation, at the exact spots the natural light touches my face, and set the whole thing with the 'Perfection Powder' featherweight finish.

A good, bold, berry lip can be worn with a very neutral eye look, to have your lips stand out more, or with a classic smokey eyes for that ultimate glamourous, intense look. Of course, confidence is always trendy and stepping out of my comfit zone for this look, going for the more intense smokey look definitely payed off ! I used the matte pale pink colour from Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con #7 Plus shadow palette in the inner corner of my eyelids, right across my bottom lash line and underneath my brow arch. I filled in the rest of my pupil with the matte bright aubergine colour from the palette, moving into my crease to deepen the look and widen my eyes. I also used a small amount of this colour over my eyebrows to blend the look together and avoid too much of a colour clash between the purples and the browns. A really cool tip I learn from the Marc Jacobs Beauty team ! Then, using the deep aubergine with iridescent shimmer eye shadow colour on the outer corner of my eyelids, I went back again into the crease of my eyes, blending the three colours together to avoid any harsh lines. To add more drama to this look, I drew a very sharp and thick cat-eye-do using Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Magic Marc'er' eyeliner, creating a bold wing from the outer corner of my eyes and going back in all the way across the upper lash line.

Going straight from my eyes to my cheeks, I used Marc Jacobs Beauty #Instamarc contour powder to contour and highlight my face prior to padding on some blush over my apples. There really isn't a proper way to contour; I was once was told that every face is different from one another therefore, no one should contour and highlight the same way ! Once I was happy with the results, I added a touch of the 'Shameless' blush to the apples of my cheeks to give my complexion some healthy colours. A quick fix with a setting mist and we are now ready to finish up the eye look, with generous coats of Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega lash volumizing mascara on both the upper and bottom lashes ! To settle this eye look, I went over half of my bottom lash line with the deep aubergine with iridescent shimmer eye shadow colour I previously used on my eyelids, going from the outsides to the center of my eyes.

Gorgeous brownish berry lips completed this look, using 'Le Marc' Lip Crème lipstick in shade Mahogany

Last but not least, feather brows are our fourth Sephora Summer trend !

This beauty trend probably is, by far, my favourite of the season. You know how I feel about eyebrows; they're the frame of your face ;) You want them to always be on their A-game which is why I am super happy to share with you how I incorporate gorgeous, natural feathery brows to any make make up look I am going for.

Editor's note: This beauty look was designed and executed by NARS Cosmetics make up artist Cynthia Martinez.

Cynthia began with the focal point of this beauty look, a soft, refined smokey eye, using NARS Smudge Proof eyeshadow base to prep and set my eyelids. Up next, she used a newbie from NARS's Fall 2015 line, the Velvet shadow stick in Filibuste, to achieve a very thick and smudge-like eyeliner along my lash line. To build up the smokey eye look, she used three colours from the Narsissist Matte/Shimmer eyeshadow palette; Ithaca, a warm shade of nougat as the base, Zagreb, a chocolate shade infused with raspberry shimmer as the transition colour and Heraklion, an ultra back shimmery pigment as smoke colour.

On the the brows ! Cynthia completed my eye look with natural feathery brows which she drew entirely with NARS's brow perfecter in the shade Caucase. She started by brushing my hair upwards using a brow wiz, before filling them in, ever so gently, with the brow perfecter. She made sure not to press to hard on the pencil to avoid any harsh line and to make sure the look remained natural-looking. Up next, she blended the colour together using the brow wiz for a second time and moved on to NARS's tinted brow gel in the shade 'Piraeus', which she used to go over my brows to make them look fuller. She repeated that last step, this time using NARS's clear brow gel to set the look and make sure every single hair would stay in place through the entire day !

Cynthia finished up my look with a youthful, bright complexion using the one and only, All Day Luminous Weightless foundation mixed with the brand's Pro Prime Pore Refining Primer and enlighten with the famous The Multiple stick in the shade Copacabana. Lips were outlined with NARS's Velvet lip liner in Waimea and filled in with a lip gloss from the brand in Chealsea Girls, a brand new colour coming out this Fall ! A few coats of NARS's new Audacious mascara completed this look.

Hope you guys enjoyed these four takes on Sephora's biggest trends of the moment and that it will inspire you to try it out for yourselves at home. Please feel free to share away your awesome beauty results with myself and the entire Sephora community, using the hashtag #TrendingAtSephora !

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