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Thursday, August 13, 2015

What does 'being you' means to you ? Is it about being more intense, natural, sophisticated, free-spirited, artisan...? Today, I'm teaming up with Vancouver's Sephora Pacific Center and Makeup Forever to raise awareness towards the brand's latest campaign: Be bold, be unexpected, be you!, encouraging women to grow confidence and be the best version of themselves. This is such an empowering message that Makeup Forever is working on spreading around and right away, I was on board ! I mean, isn't it just great to get to transform yourself depending on your current mood or on how you're feeling ? Here's a little secret not many people know about myself and PBTH: for about 95% of my photoshoot and events I attend, I do my own make up. First and foremost, because I simply enjoy working with cosmetics, but especially because I love working with brands like Makeup Forever, who allow you to be the most creative you can be and to express yourself with an exclusive access to a great range of pro quality formulas, tools and colours. In a world like today's, where there is a trend for everything, it is important to be authentic to avoid becoming too generic ;) Makeup Forever which is currently an exclusivity to Sephora worldwide, empowers you to do so in the most fun, interactive, creative and colorful way!

Let me tell you a little bit more about this look we shot today…

It all starts on a nice, smooth, clean canvas that is now super easy to achieve thanks to Makeup Forever's brand-new Ultra HD foundation; A remake of their award-winning HD foundation, only more invisible, more natural and more comfortable than ever. I started by prepping my skin with the Step 1 Skin Equalizer mattifying primer, on top of which I layered my foundation which I set with Makeup Forever's HD microfinish powder. I defined my eyebrows as per usual, using the brand's Brow Seal transparent eyebrow gel to shape my brows, and Makeup Forever's Artist Shadow eyeshadow powder in the shade Espresso, to fill them in. I moved on to my eyes making sure to prep them with my favorite eyeshadow primer to reinforce, hold and intensify the color of my shadows powders. I used Makeup Forever's Artist Shadow eyeshadow in the shade Copper Red to go over my crease and entire upper lids, then I switched the shade Electric Blue to go over my lower lash line, building the colour right on the edge of my waterline for a more intense look, and diffusing the colour as I went down and towards the outer corners of my eyes, creating an upside-down cat-eye-do. To accentuate my brow bones are used the Artist shadow eyeshadow in the color Vanilla right underneath my brows. Using Makeup Forever's Aqua Eyes matte black eye pencil, I went over my upper lash line's waterline to intensify my eyes without actually lining my upper lids. I added on a few coats of Makeup Forever's Smoky Extravagant mascara to complete the eye look.

Moving back to my complexion, I used Makeup Forever's Five Camouflage cream palette No. 02 (for light to medium skintones) to conceal any traces of imperfection that were still visible such as my dark circles, the redness around my nose and on my forehead, and to highlight my cupid's bow. I sculpted my cheeks and gave a little bit of colour to my face using the brand's HD blush in the shade Rosewood. I then lined my lips with Makeup Forever's Aqua Lips lipliner pencil in the shade Rosewood as well (a rosy nude colour I am currently obsessed with!), and filled them in with the Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in the color Satin Nude. To achieve more of a glossy finish, I added a thin coat of Makeup Forever's new Artist Plexi-Gloss in a sheer shade called Pearly Light Beige.

A few spritz of Makeup Forever's Mist & Fix setting mist and I was finally ready to shoot ! I absolutely love my experience working with Makeup Forever and Sephora, two world leaders in terms of pushing boundaries, exploring new looks and finding the true meaning of 'being you'. This beauty look is daring, perky, complex, unconventional and slightly over the top, just like yours truly ;)

Brought to you by Sephora Pacific Center and Makeup Forever Canada.

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