Thursday, August 13, 2015

Inspired largely by Julia Fullerton-Batten’s series “in between” which captures the turbulent transformative years of adolescence, palmer//harding FW15 collection tells the story of a girl's transition from teenagehood to womanhood. On a Fashion perspective, we are witnessing a juxtaposition of innocent silhouettes of girlhood with more severe and powerful lines of many year's later. The brand did an amazing job at harmoniously polarizing a haphazard placement of abstracted embroidery and graphic erratic stripes, mixing fabrics, textures, styles and genres which, prima facie simply aren't naturally considered to blend together.

This FW15 line also reminds me of my teenagehood, growing up in an all-girl boarding school back in Montreal. The severity yet, chic and sophistication of the palmer//harding aesthetic is brilliant, making me feel quite nostalgic thinking about my old uniform (which I hated at the time!) and got me reminescing about the days of the past where all I wanted to do was to grow up as fast as I could ;)

Here are my favourite looks from their presentation during London Fashion Week

Photo credits: Tristan Fewings, Getty Images©

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