Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy happy Sunday everyone !

Hope you guys are having a fantastic time, soaking in the last few bits of the weekend. I, myself, am taking advantage of the mild weather here in Vancouver to run some last-minute errands before my departure to Montreal. Excited to be back in my beautiful, beloved city, although I am quite sad to leave Vancouver behind me. This Summer has been everything I could have dream of !

I did wanted to take a break from packing and running around town to check-in with you and follow up with my coverage of last February's Milan Fashion Week. Right before I left for Europe, I teamed up with Lise Watier to share with you the launch of their new (at the time!) velvet liquid lipstick called Baiser Velours and took part in their #MyKissStory social media campaign as an ambassador of the brand. #MyKissStory is the tale of a young girl driven by the unknown and hungry for adventures, discoveries and new challenges. A girl who never will be content with a simple life and who's desire to see the world is so great, that nothing could ever stop her will. I am that girl ! When I left for Paris at the age of 18, I never really looked back; I knew this was were I belonged. Away from home, that is. Paris just happened to be the first destination I traveled to by myself and ever since, I never found a better travel companion than myself ;) Ever had that feeling before ? When I'll go back, at the end of next month, I'll do exactly what I always do when in Paris; put some lipstick on, pour myself a drink and go sit right in front of the Seine to watch the river flow go by. This time, it's going to be my Lise Watier 'Baiser Velours' liquid lipstick in the shade Party Kiss...

Just like my personality, I like my lipsticks to be bold, dreamy and audacious ! My Lise Watier 'Baiser Velours' liquid lipstick tagged along as my go-to lip colour for the entire Fashion month, last season. I could never get over such a brilliant, bright pink colour, definitely an obvious and outstanding choice for a major event such as Fashion Week. My pigment-rich 'Baiser Velours' lipstick deliver the perfect coverage and intensity within a formula that is light, creamy and non-drying. The result ? A smooth, matte and extremely long wear lip that'll assure me a flawless look for hours on end !

I was wearing…

Bubble Gum Jacquard Tailored Blazer c/o Sinequanone, through Wilshire Fashions (similar here)
Bubble Gum Jacquard Trousers c/o Sinequanone, through Wilshire Fashions (similar here)
Coral & Cream Expression Sandals from Hudson's Bay (similar here)
Mico-Pavé Halo Double Pear Shaped Crystal Earrings c/o Nina (similar here)
Leather and Stone Ring c/o Ports 1961 (similar here)

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