Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gucci has a reputation for a certain kind of Italian glamour and although the Maison de Couture kind of dissapointed the industry when confirming that the Tisci/Kane/Altuzarra/Ford creative direction takeover rumours were false, Alessandro Michele did make a moment out of the Gucci Fall 2015 show. Thing is, Fashion loves a debut and the man was on a mission to youth-ify the brand !

No high heels à la Joseph Altuzarra, no red carpet dressing à la Riccardo Tisci, no sexiness à la Tom Ford, only fresh faces; girls looking like they wanted to play grown-ups but the only wardrobe available was their grandparents'. In fact, the Gucci girl is an ingenue with an eccentric side ! She loves mixing up heirloom jewellery, vintage furs, chunky rimmed glasses and the occasional pompom hat with her granny-like boho aesthetic of pleated, leather midi skirts, silky dresses and fluttery floral chiffons. She is also gender neutral. She will look like a boy when wearing shirts and boy-cut pants, and she will resemble a girl when wearing pussybow blouses and berets. Overall, the presentation left me with an delightful impression of youthful naïveté where sensuality was to be found in the inside.

Some might say there was a lack for the interlocking G's type of sophistication that makes the Italian Fashion house what it is today, but I say the show was playful, feel-good and bon vivant. It was somehow necessary for the brand to take such a daring turn to remain part of the cool kids. What Gucci needed in fact, was not more substance but more lightness and heavy dose of care-free attitude. I'm sure we'll see a lot more Gucci in the media from now on, from street style, to red carpets, to TV appearances to vacay' wear.

Oh and pay attention to the furry shoes ;)

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