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Friday, August 28, 2015

It is pouring rain in Vancouver today and I guess it jet makes me realize how over Summer I am ! I mean, no, I do adore my long, hot, steamy Summer days and nights but every year, it seems like the Autumn is calling my name so loud, I am ready to move on in a snap of fingers. This season particularly, I can hardly wait to start sporting my favourite trends of the moment (promise I'll share them with you in an upcoming post!) and I sort of began this little hunt for the essential pieces to own for  the late 2015. Among them, I am in desperate need a a good suede coat ;)

Neutrals are my go-to's when it comes to statement pieces however, I also have a soft spot for pastels and cool tones. A toffee-coloured coat definitely is what I have in mind but I am totally open to consider taupe, beige, black, emerald and navy alternatives. Fabric-on-fabric is going to be huge next season so it wouldn't be bad to consider some matching high-heeled, keen-lenght boots to go with my new obsession, wouldn't it ?

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