Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In 2015, the bohemian is back —in case you haven't heard!— and somehow, happens to be even chicer than her predecessors. We are foreseeing here what I like to call a 'Jet Set Gypsy', traveler of the world, wearing nothing but patchwork, pattern and prints (that was also, in fact, the title of Christopher Bailey's Burberry Prorsum ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2015 collection). But it was not the Maison de Couture's first time protraying the Jet Set Gypsy has the Prorsum woman, in fact, it strongly feels like she's been part of Bailey's Burberry vision for quite a while. Of course, we can all pretty much agree on the fact that this Victorian-chic, velvet everything, romantic and colourful character is London's 1960's and 1970's finest.

I found it very thoughtful for the 44 years-old CEO to re-imagine their classic patchwork blankets that took the Fashion world by storm a few season's ago, offering to the world yet, another Fashionable alternative to the traditional capes and ponchos that have been so popular lately. I could only assume that with becoming a father, comes the notion of posterity and the urge to create a heritage that will last for the next generations to come to enjoy as much as we do today. In his conscious effort to create a new heirloom, Bailey put back on the market those endlessly flattering short graphic sixties dresses, looooong patchwork suede over-the-knee boots, gorgeous suede-everything statement coats and mirror-embroideries here, over a floaty chiffon dress, and there, in a bodice attached to a fringed skirt, which inevitably brought to mind the trail that hippies followed to India, back in the 1960's.

Ralph Lauren is to New York, what Louis Vuitton is to Paris and what Burberry is to London; timeless relationships with which comes great responsibility. Yet, Christopher Bailey didn't fail to disappoint, proving again how essential he is to the Fashion industry and to the Burberry Group.

Photo credits: Yannis Vlamos/Indigital Images©

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