Thursday, July 30, 2015

The idea of a girl putting on an anorak over a chic dress is New Yorker style at its best, if you ask me. Nothing modernizes an all-American heritage staple like pairing utility with luxe and so far, SNOWMAN New York has proven that utilitarian-chic will undoubtedly set the tone for next season's in-Fashion. The anorak-as-a-dress idea I wore when we shot these pictures in one of Shangri-La Vancouver's public gardens last week, is working very nicely against my usual girly-girl aesthetic and for a, let's say, raining parka to do that(!) is pretty phenomenal in my opinion ;)

Plus, there is nothing like a pantless look fit for Fall's most tempestuous weather conditions to turn every gray and moody day into an utterly chic afternoon signing in the rain. Mirror-like puddles, shining cobblestones, steamed up windows; for most people, its just another rainy day which could only be fixed by a miraculolus appearance of the sun just in time for happy hour. To me, my favourite cities in the world, from Paris to Montreal, to (now!) Vancouver, to London, to New York, are even more beautiful in the rain…

The Embrace anorak from SNOWMAN's Action line is just another piece a gem to add to there impressive, extensive collection of masterpieces. I took it upon myself to remain true to my personal style by embrace-ing (pun intended!) a lady-like look, wearing nothing but the cape-embellished sleeveless coat and matching sandals. And if I ever feel like borrowing from the boys (again!), I can just unsnap the hooded-cape from the actual outerwear garment and wear it as a sleeveless vest, another big trend of the moment !

Shall I snap & share a few picture of this one as well ? You tell me ;)

Jessica Simspon High-Heeled Sandals, through Hudson's Bay (similar here)
Silver 'Octogon' Clutch c/o Vivescence, through Éveil des Sens, Spa Urbain

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