Sephora Themed-Thursday | Mod Noir by Marc Jacobs

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Apologies for not keeping up with our Sephora Themed-Thursday topic this week, I just started, slowly but surely, to prep for Fashion Week season and most of my time has been devoted to phone calls and email. Can't believed we're almost there ! Happy to discuss this further with you in due time ;)

Today, I wanted to share with you what has been my favourite theme so far, Mod Noir, a darker, deeper, richer beauty look inspired by Marc Jacobs latest fragrance, exclusive to Sephora globally and available in store this month. I am very much in love with the complexity of this makeup look as it features a great range of darker colours that are perfectly suitable for a darker skin. In order to play with such dark tones, I needed my complexion to be bright and even, and Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Genius Gel' foundation and 'Remedy' concealer pen helped me achieve that type of finish. The concealer pen has a metallic tip which creates a cooling effect that will help taking away any puffiness under your eyes. I like to blend it away with a concealing brush over my foundation, at the exact spots the natural light touches my face, and set the whole thing with the 'Perfection Powder' featherweight finish.

I then move on to my eyebrows, prepping them with the 'Brow Tammer' grooming gel, before filling them in with the middle colour of the Style Eye-Con #3 Plus shadow palette. When my brows are done, I go over my eyelid and under brow bone with an eye shadow primer to make sure that the pigments on my eyes stands out nicely and don't fade away throughout the day. I used the matte pale pink colour from Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con #7 Plus shadow palette in the inner corner of my eyelids, right across my bottom lash line and underneath my brow arch. I filled in the rest of my pupil with the matte bright aubergine colour from the palette, moving into my crease to deepen the look and widen my eyes. I also use a small amount of this colour over my eyebrows to blend the look together and avoid too much of a colour clash between the purples and the browns. A really cool tip I learn from the Marc Jacobs Beauty team ! Then, using the deep aubergine with iridescent shimmer eye shadow colour on the outer corner of my eyelids, going back again into the crease, blending the three colours together to avoid any harsh lines. To add more drama to this look, I drew a very sharp and thick cat-eye-do using Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Magic Marc'er' eyeliner, creating a bold wing from the outer corner of my eyes and going back in all the way across the upper lash line. Careful here, the line should get thinner has you move from the outsides of the eyelids to the insides !

We are not quite ready to move on to eye lashes at this time because I like to use a setting mist spray to set my makeup look. That said, I find that using it over mascara can make it smudge a little and this would ruin the sharpness of this look ;) So going straight from the eyes to the cheeks, I used Marc Jacobs Beauty #Instamarc contour powder to contour and highlight my face prior to padding on some blush over my apples. There really isn't a proper way to contour; I was once was told that every face is different from one another therefore, no one should contour and highlight the same way ! Once I was happy with the results, I added a touch of the 'Shameless' blush to the apples of my cheeks to give my complexion some healthy colours. A quick fix with a setting mist and we are now ready to finish up the eye look, with generous coats of Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega lash volumizing mascara on both the upper and bottom lashes ! To settle this eye look, I went over half of my bottom lash line with the deep aubergine with iridescent shimmer eye shadow colour I previously used on my eyelids, going from the outsides to the center of my eyes.

Gorgeous brown lips completed this look, using 'Le Marc' Lip Crème lipstick in the shade Mahogany. To soften this look, I decided to braid my hair and to pin it back across my neck line with some gardenias (Marc's favourite flowers!) on the sides. I pulled out a few hair strands and lightly curled it to give my look that effortless feel. A little spritz of Marc Jacobs 'Mod Noir' fragrance, created exclusively for Sephora, and I felt like a bold, modern and unique #MissMarc ;)

Sold at Sephora

1. Sephora Perfecting Ultra Smoothing Primer | 2. Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Genius Gel' Super Chaged Oil-Free Foundation | 3. Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Remedy' Concealer Pen | 4. Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Perfection Powder' Featherweight Finish | 5. Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con #3 Plus Shadow | 6. Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Brow Tammer' Grooming Gel | 7. Marc Jacobs 'Mod Noir' Fragrance | 8. Benefit Cosmetics 'Stay Don't Stray' Eye Shadow Primer | 9. Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Magic Marc'er' Precision Pen Waterproof Eyeliner | 10. Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con #7 Plus Shadow | 11. Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Shameless' Bold Blush | 12. Marc Jacobs Beauty 'Le Marc' Lip Crème | 13. Marc Jacobs Beauty #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder | 14. Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara

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