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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Love these candid shots we took while visiting Vancouver Island over the weekend. Unfiltered, unedited, shot right before sunset were the natural light allows you to capture the best imagery, on the cliff of Beacon Hill Park, Victoria.

Life lately really doesn't get any better than this ! Now that I'm fresh out of my school books, I get to focus on my short term goals; my next-five-years plan. I feel like it is really important to set your mind on what it is that you want to do in life, whether its tomorrow, in a year or in ten. Writing has always been such a grounding exercise for me and putting down in words all those things I wish to accomplish, along with a time-frame goal for each and every objective of mine, helps me keep my head in the game and my eyes on the prize. Figure of speech; there's no actual prize other than to succeed at what I want to do ;)

The next few months are going to be very intense for the most part as some new challenges and hopes of mine are about to come true. On a professional level, I have my mind set on a highly-coveted position for which I am going to have to prove the world that I can do even better than my very best. Blog-wise, we are currently experiencing some Fashion Week season scheduling conflicts and might not be able to do the big four his time around. When I started covering the international Fashion Weeks, I promised myself that I would take it slow, in order to succeed, which I did. And sometimes, taking a step back is the only way you're going to be able to move forward. On the other side, I also promised myself it would all begin with New York, adding on London during my second season, adding on Milan during my third season, adding on Paris during my fourth season, which currently happen to be on its way ! So let's just say that Paris is pretty much a safe bet this season and I hope you guys will enjoy everything we've got in store for you ;) Lots of fun things on their way, to be continued...

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