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Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekend is so close, I can already taste the wine and cheese !

Happy Friday guys, so excited to talk skin care this afternoon, sharing away my top five favourite toning lotions for the ultimate radiant, young-looking, healthy complexion. Now, I have received a lot a questions regarding my skin care routine in the past and I took the opportunity to tell you more about it over here and right here, but I wanted to focus on what I think is probably the most important step in my beauty regimen, a step that is forgotten most of the time because people don't really understand how it can benefit their skin on the long term.

If you are following a full-on beauty routine, toning should be your step 3, right after cleansing and treating. You also want to be careful with what's on the market right now when it comes to toners because some formulas include a lot of alcohol in it and this will actually dry out your skin, rather then nourish it and that's the exact opposite of what you want to do. People who have more of an oily skin might jump on that thought and think that toning with drying ingredients would be the key to their problems but think again ! When you dry out your skin, you are sending your body a direct message that it isn't producing enough of its natural oil to hydrate your skin on its own, so it'll start producing more. You'll end up with an even oilier skin. A good tip here is to balance the pH of your skin and this is exactly what a good toner does. Below, here are a few toning lotions I have loved and recommend trying on if you a looking for a new one ;)

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