Friday's Favourite Five | Denim Dresses

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Friday everyone !

The heat wave in Vancouver has been lasting over a week now and lately, all I've been wanting to wear were denim dressed and slip-ons. So light and easy to pull-off on a daily basis, they are the perfect Summer staple if your are living on a coast. I don't know if it's the cool colour of denim of just the laid-back vibe of the material, but a denim dress today really is an essential in your wardrobe and can be worn from day to night, super versatile ! Simply switch your flats for a nice pair of evening wedges and you are good to go ;)

I love that, with time, designers have been wanting to redesign the little denim dress and came up with so many styles and new ways to wear it. Leave it to Valentino to use a textile as timeless as this one to bring a little bit of an edge to the Couture House, or to Chloe to bring us back to childhood and play-dates with a fun, playful and girlie A-line pullover tunic. I am also completely obsessed with Marc Jacobs 70's inspired belted dress, a cool and modern twist on the traditional denim dress. So Marc ! Speaking of which, I am super excited to let you know that I will be working on an awesome campaign featuring Marc Jacobs Beauty collection and the brand's new Mod Noir fragrance, conceived exclusively for Sephora, globally. Make sure to follow along via Snapchat and Instagram, today and tomorrow, for behind-the-scenes action and a lot more !

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