Monday, July 6, 2015

Paris Couture Week is probably one of the most magical moments in the Fashion world ! For the next weeks, it will be home to the world's greatest Haute Couture collections of the Autumn-Winter 2015/16 seasons and will showcase the biggest names of all times, starting for me with Christian Dior. This morning, the iconic Fashion House took over the Musée Rodin, redesigned as a Modernist Pointillist church for the occasion, and hosted in its lieu, the exquisite Dior Couture show. The catwalk featured a spectacular performance beauty-wise, which isn't any news when it comes to Dior. Their signature makeup look is famous for being predictable yet, unexpected ! The Diorshow girl is feminine, ingenue and playful. Her character is graceful and dainty, her youth, perennial. To welcome Dior Couture's Autumn-Winter collection, as well as the launch of their new Diorshow mascara, a renewed version of their award-winning classic, I teamed up with Sephora Pacific Center in Vancouver to bring to you today, the Diorshow Catwalk Look, inspired by the backstage of every Dior runway show held in the past decade.

Achieving the Diorshow Catwalk Look begins with getting that soft, fresh face and youthful complexion, using the Diorskin Airflash trio set including the CC Primer for colour correction, the spray foundation for a light to medium coverage and the long-lasting airy powder for a matte finish. Concealing is one of the most important steps of this beauty look, first of all because you'll want to highlight those points of your face that daylight hits naturally, but also because younger skins have that dewy look and feel a great matte concealer can help you achieve. Mixing the Diorskin 'Nude Skin' hydrating perfecting concealer to the 'Skinflash' radiance booster formula can help you create that balance for your complexion.

Eyes in this beauty look are the focal point and I find the Diorshow Catwalk eyelook to be very easy to reproduce yet, it almost like having a makeup artist in your bathroom because the final result looks totally eye-catching (pun intended!). To make sure the eye shadow colours really stand out and last through the day, I used the 'Backstage' eye primer, a creamy formula that is super easy to apply with a concealing brush and that will prevent your eye shadow from creasing. Then, using one of the brand's 5 Couleurs Designer palettes (here I used the Carré Bleu), I start by emphasizing and illuminating my eyes and brow bones with the priming colour, creating a even base to work on. Second step, I apply the clear eye shadow on the whole upper eyelids and the shadow on the outer corners of my lids. Last step, I dab small touches of the illuminating colours on the inner corners of my eyes and right beneath the brow arch. Next, I intensify my eyelook with the Diorshow art pen, drawing an extra fine cat-eye-do over my top lash line. The full Diorshow Catwalk eyelook includes a double wing along the bottom lash line however, I personally find the look to heavy for me. I complete my eyelook by applying the Diorshow mascara on my top and bottom lashes to double their volume.

Moving on to cheeks and lips, I simply add a touch of the 'Rosy Glow' awakening blush on my apples to channel that juvenile flush and I go for the perfect nude pout, using Dior 'Rouge Baume' couture lip balm in the shade #640, Milly. The final touch of the look is the Diorshow brow styler gel to structure and luster the eyebrows. I comb my brows, following their natural line, starting from bottom to top, going from the inside to the outside. As my eyebrows are naturally lighter than my hair colour, I like to fill them in with a rich dark brown eye shadow or brow powder, to achieve my signature wilding eyebrow look.

Now, I have the perfect makeup to go to the Spring-Summer 2016 Dior runway show during Paris Fashion Week in the Fall !

Photo credits:  ©Michele Morosi, ©Karl Lepage

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