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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Flashback to same time last year; Karl and I were heading to Toronto to attend the fifth edition of October's Very Own Festival. Probably one on the dopest hip hop concert I had the chance to go to in years ! I've always been a very big fan of Drake, going all the way back to Aubrey Graham's Jimmy Brooks character in Degrassi the Next Generation TV serie ;) Lately he's been such a huge inspiration for me, for both what he preaches and because of his music.

I'm proud to be part of this generation of young professionals, standing on the edge of innovation, always pushing the envelop further in order to stand out from the crowd. Drake is everything BUT generic and we wants everyone to know that. OVO Fest brings together people from different nationalities, ethnicities, social backgrounds, religions, work environments, ages and so on, and so forth. Such an eclectic crowd, all reunited in one amphitheater for two whole nights, sharing the same love for hip-hop and passion for music. That's something to be proud of, Drizzy !

I forgot to share these images from about a year ago with you guys and when I stumbled upon them last week, I just fell back in love with this androgen ensemble I wore for OVO Fest day 1. I was very in phase with my inner tomboy at that time and I absolutely love how this look turned out in pictures. I wore my good old Forever 21 denim jumpsuit underneath one of Karl's Ralph Lauren shirt. I love the colours on this shirt; very warm and earthy but super festive at the same time ! I grabbed my Dooney and Bourke mini-crossbody bag which happens to fit just what I needed for the night: setting powder, lipstick, iPhone, wallet and concert tickets :) The masterpiece in this look though, I'd have to say, are these dope, dope, dope A.P.C. x Nike white sneakers I got in New York during Fashion Week a few seasons ago. Love'em !

Who's heading to OVO Fest this years ? In which city are you gonna be attending the concert ?

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