Blink And You Might Miss It

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I do not often wear purple, it simply is not a colour I usually go for whenever I'm shopping around. This Gypsy 05 off-the-shoulder dress though, really is one of a kind and I absolutely adore the modern take such a cold colour palette has on a 70's boho-inspired look. I decided to wear it along with my newest pair of spartans sandals from Aldo and a mini cross body bag of the same colour. Remember, when in doubt, a solid nude is always a good match to brighter colours !

Don't you just wish, sometimes, you could go back to the 70's, decade of the free spirits, The Jackson 5, Saturday Night Fever, Farrah Fawcett, platform shoes, lava lamps, bell-bottomed pants, peace and love ? I have have a strong feeling that this particular decade left its mark on the past century, and of course, on history, in a way other decades haven't. Today, the 70's are a vibe, a mood and state of mind ! They're me, wearing this dress with purple ombré lips and beach-salted, unruly hair. Dressing so lightly makes me feel feminine and whole, and is a good reminder that sometimes, life shouldn't be taken too seriously. It should be exciting and beautiful, just like this dress, filled with sass, a little spark and ethereal. Thing is, if you blink, you might miss it...

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