Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This coat feels like a homecoming; getting back after a long trip, closing the chapter on hours of hard work and dedication, saying goodbye to the warm temps. of the Summer and hello again! to the layering era of the Fall season.

Awaiting for the Autumn is much like waiting for our favourite brand's encore ! We want to know what's going to happen next… Well, we do know for some parts; Fall always brings along a few showers, here in Northern America, which quite frankly, couldn't be more on point this upcoming season as a little bit of rain is actually a great excuse to go out and invest in the season’s saving staple. A good old anorak ;) Now, I did go out of my way, in yesterday's post, to tell you all about how awesome of a comeback the anorak is making for itself, but for those I have not yet convinced, let me explain to you how my new favourite raining coats are working double-duty in any thunderstorm.

New York-based brand SNOWMAN is all about high quality meets high Fashion, combine the feel of outdoor sportswear with the hook of couture ! Each and every coat from the brand is made with breathable water resistant fabric with a 100% nylon lining. These pictures feature the Wander biker jacket from SNOWMAN's Action line in a gorgeous and bright, shocking mustard shade. I am totally obsessed the moto jacket shape of this rain coat; both functional and cool. As a matter of fact, this anorak's allure lies in its very utility; that's why it looks so good thrown on over a pair of patchwork skinny jeans from Black Orchid Denim and utlra white Air Force 1s.


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