Monday, July 27, 2015

Just another example of something you thought would never be cool again making the ultimate high-end comeback. 

I love a good anorak, always have ! There's something about the waxy, rubbery smell and the soft crisp of fresh out of the factory nylon that makes me eager to win out against those gloomy downpours marking the end of summer ;) Plus, for me, it is loaded with cultural references and childhood memories; a blast from the past, when playdates didn't get wash out at the first drop on a cloudy day. I would simply throw on my Columbia parka, along with ankle Hunter boots, and ditch my umbrella to go splash around with my schoolmates !

As it has been well established now, the 90's are making a strong comeback and its influences are pretty hard to ignore. Chances are, you never thought you'd be nostalgic for the nylon anoraks of your youth but hey, guess what... Next season, with so many luxe interpretations of the 90's classic, the anorak might just become the new norm for streetwear to happy hour leaps, in style. Thing is, there has been an ferocious appetite for utilitarian Fashion in the past seasons therefore, it is no surprise the wet-weather gear has been revived.

These three staples from SNOWMAN New York's Spring-Summer 2015 collection entitled 'Action', respresent everything I love about the trend and the brand. SNOWMAN thrives to portrait New York City culture and happenings in each and every collection they bring to life, proudly providing functional and unique designs for the ladies of the City to appropriate the renewed classic and create their own statement.


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