Sephora Themed-Thursday | Make Up Forever SS15

Thursday, June 25, 2015

If you are following me on Snapchat, you might have seen this one coming…

This week, Sephora's Themed-Thursday was all about one of its focus brand's, Make Up Forever, Spring-Summer 2015 beauty collection. The French cosmetics house made sure it remained on its A-game for the warm season, with several launches that happened to be completely out of this world ! And since Make Up Forever prides itself on curating a beauty line everybody can sport and embrace, its beauty experts conceived two major looks, both totally different from one another, both utterly and undeniably stunning !

I decided to go for the lighter option as baring too dark of an eye-shadow isn't really my thing. I absolutely adore the natural essence of this beauty look that features the three main releases of the brand for this season; the 'Artist Shadows' eyeshadows, the 'Pro Bronze Fusion' bronzing powder & the 'Artist Plexi-Gloss' lipgloss. I'd like to draw your attention for a short minute to these awesome digital campaigns produced by Make Up Forever to promote their new products:

Now, I used the 'Artist Shadows' eyeshadow in the shades Flesh Coloured-Pink, on the inner corners of my eyelids and right under my eyebrow, and Matte Tea, on the outer corners of my eyelids and up on to the crease. I added extra definition to my eyes by drawing a thick cat-eye-do over my top lash line, using Make Up Forever's black Aqua Liner. I used Make Up Forever's 'Natural Matte Sienna' Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer to contour my cheekbones, jaw line and along my forehead, and added just a touch of their #10 blush on the apples of my cheeks to achieve a fresh, dewy, young looking complexion. To complete the look, I apply generous coats of Make Up Forever's 'Purple' Artist Plexi-Gloss Lipgloss all over my lips for a darker purple shade. I find that one to be needing a few layers for the colour to really pop so you kind of have to built it up. Then, I added about two coats of Make Up Forever's 'Lilac' Artist Plexi-Gloss Lipgloss in the center of my upper and lower lips, to create that ombré effect that I've been obsessing on over social media lately ! This one seems to have much more pigment into it so the colour is much richer after a coat or two. Slightly go over your lip line one last time with the purple lipgloss to blend the two colours together for that perfect ombré look and voilà !

You've become the Make Up Forever 2015 girl ;) 

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