POST GRAD: Find Your Perfect Post College Gig !

Sunday, June 14, 2015

So you just graduated from college, fresh out of University classes and frat/sorority dorm rooms. You did exactly what you were supposed to do, work hard, study harder, get your degree and entree the wring world.

Ch… Wait a second. What are you to do now ? Trust me, I totally get it. As a recent graduate from the University of Montreal myself, I actually thought earning a degree also came with a handful of job offers and employment possibilities. AH ! Truth is, unless you went to Med School, Law School or Engineering Faculty (because the world always need more doctors, lawyers and engineers!), you might want to reconsider that quick and easy new job thought for a second and think about the bigger picture: What if you don't find one right away ? What if you always get the same ''not enough experience'' answer that most companies, that will be kind enough to inform you of your rejection, end up giving you ? What if you just don't find that great, fun, motivating, challenging, perfect position that you've been dreaming of your entire college life ? Well, first of all, remind yourself that:

1) this is not the end of the world;
2) you will find a job eventually;
3) all you need to do is to be smart about your next move !

What will be your next move, precisely ? That is for you to figure out, that said, I'm happy to share with you some of the reflections I made for myself while re-thinking over and over again all of these questions. It all starts with your next move; you must become a valuable asset to these companies that rejection your candidacy in the first place. Here are 8 gigs to highly consider post-grad., if things were to go slower than you thought it would…

If you couldn't live without sharing every bits and pieces of college life with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., look for a position as a digital community manager or social media intern.

The is the perfect example of a job that requires experience and skills you've been creating for yourself and building on your own for years now. Even though the Facebooks and Twitters of this generation have now been around for a little while, the world of social media management is still pretty new to all and there are only a few University programs and classes that will teach you the basics and give you the tools to become a successful social accounts manager. At this time, a one cannot earn a degree specifically in social media management to show-off at interviews so chances are, the best community managers a company could hire at the moment are the people who've been socially active on every type of social networks we can find on the map today. And that is YOU, my fellow digital socialite ;)

If you loved volunteering for your school or get involved in your faculty's social committees, fundraising activities or executive teams, look for a position in the non-profit organizations sector.

I see you coming at me with this one… No, a job in a non-profit organization doesn't mean you'll be working for less or nothing; it is not to be confused with actual volunteering. Thing is, nonprofit means that the company your work for will use its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission, rather than distribute it surplus to the organization's directors. Plus, most of the big names in the non-profit world receive significant grants from the government each year and provide some great life and health insurance benefits to its employees. You'll get to still be able to make a difference in your community while becoming financially independent !

If the school newspaper became like your second family during those busy college years, look for a position as an editorial assistant, copywriting intern or researchist.

As a writer myself and a Communication studies & Journalism graduate, I understand the importance of writing on a daily basis. That's the key, never stop writing ! And if you lack of experience prevents you from getting that awesome magazine editor or paper columnist gig, do consider assistant position to editors and copywriters. Yes, sometimes you will be running errands for your boss and fetching coffee, but other times you will be mentored by resourceful and skilled professional writers who can become allies in the industry later on. Plus, you will get to touch to a bunch of different areas of the editing and publishing world, and will get to attend tons of conferences, previews, media launches, parties and so on… Most importantly, you'll get to write plenty !

If you never go out without a film or digital SLR camera around your neck and cannot stop updating your Instagram/Tumblr/Pinterest pages with your most recent work, look for a photo assistant gig.

I have been mentioning seeking assistant positions quite a few times already for a very specific reason: professionals, especially in the entertainment industry, are ALWAYS on the lookout for a skilled, smart, dedicated help to assist them in their daily tasks. This position can include, but aren't limited to, personal and professional duties such as running errands, scheduling meetings, picking up coffee and lunch, answering emails, filling up invoices and getting shipments ready… Be prepared to work a lot and be paid humbly (which means you might have to find another job on the side). But the pros are great: you will learn a lot, you will make connection, you will get advice on your personal work and projects and you will get to showcase your talent. Tips: Keep an updated record of your favourite photographers of film directors through their social media account, to see if they're looking for anyone to help out. Most of them will advertise an assistant gig offer that way.

If people usually come to you when it comes down to planning school trips, birthday parties, graduation ceremony, prom night, massive study sessions, or even if your idea of a fun night is to host dinner for all of your friends, look for a position at an event planning & management firm.

There isn't a better job than the one that allows you to mix business with passion and to me, that's what event planning and management is all about. There isn't an event planner in this world that doesn't enjoy putting together a nice gathering, I can assure you that, simply because it takes skills and dedication. Plus, event planning can lead to a world of advancement possibilities and related career opportunities such as interior designing (you have to have the eye for both!), business owner of your own event management firm, luxury wedding planning, public relations, and so on… Other than stung communication and organization skills, along with a whole lot of creativity, you passion for event planning will be your best asset when applying for a job at an event management firm !

If Fashion is a passion you've embraced for as long as you can remember and has been a significant part of your entire academic career, whether it was to plan Fashion shows to benefit your school's fundraisers, to coordinate outfits for your entire debate club or to assist the costume prod. for the school play every year, look for a Fashion merchandising jobs in the retail, operation, production or buying industry.

If Fashion is what you love and what you want to do in life, then you shouldn't cross it of your post-graduation moves list just yet. I, myself almost made that mistake when I decided to take off for Law School, about four years ago now. Thank God for PBTH which made me realize what I was about to miss out on, if I didn't transfer to the University of Montreal to pursue a Communication and Journalism degree. Yes, I know, Communication isn't Fashion but that is the beauty about the Fashion world; it's such a wide and diverse industry that no matter what you actually took in college (Fashion degree or not), you can still make it through ! Fashion isn't only about history, techniques, subjects or even standards, it's the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design and architecture all in one. It recalls for instinct, knowledge, culture, intelligence, vision, hard work and dedication. If these are skills you can provide, a career in Fashion could be a great fit.

If what grounds you in life is to always have everything under control and to be on top of your game 24/7, do consider a personal assistant position in any field that might strive your attention or interest.

Control freaks and organization enthusiasts, this one's for you ! Now I know it seems like I keep repeating myself but a position as an assistant is a great way to begin your career, especially if your seeking an a multiple hierarchy level industry like Fashion, management, media, retail, production, an d so on… The only thing better than being an assistant TO someone is being the assistant OF someone. Let me explain; personal assistants basically have the dream job. They get to have a direct input on everything their boss in doing. You get dragged in all of the most important meetings, you meet the most influential people and sometimes, this position can lead to serious traveling opportunities ! Take it upon yourself to make sure your presence becomes an absolute necessity to your employer and they'll be dragging you from meetings to the airpot in no time.

If throughout college you haven't been able to put down a book for more than five seconds and enjoyed with great enthusiasm every single lectures your Faculty was holding, look for an intern position in any publishing companies based in your area.

Opting for the publishing industry is a great way to make it, not only as an editor, but also as a writer, scenarist, author and translator. An internship at a publishing house will give you all of the assets to become successful at what you love the most in life, digging for mind-blowing new reading material and making sure the whole world gets to find out about it too ! This is also a great opportunity to read a more diverse variety of genres and to get more in-depth reviews and guidance towards your own writing if you happen to write as well.

If after you gave it some thoughts you still can't figure it out, don't sweat it.

Making it throughout University is huge enough on its own and you don't need to add a bigger chip on your schoulders just yet. A career may lasts for some of us, a lifetime, so you might want to make sure you are making the right decision. Of course, nothing prevents you from moving on to something new along the way and I highly encourage you to try new stuff to figure out what exactly is it that you are meant to be in life !

Photo credits: @deycallmejai // 2J Photography

Look #1, #2 and #6:

Forever 21 Embroidered Tweed Blazer (similar here)
ZARA Khaki Cargo Pants (similar here)
Jewelry c/o Pandora, Tiffany & Co

Look #3 and #8:

Black Leather Jogger Pants c/o Romwe (similar here)
Gray Hat c/o TRIWA
Black and White Runners c/o Puma via WINNERS (similar here)
Jewelry c/o Pandora, Tiffany & Co

Look #4:

Forever 21 Camel Blazer (similar here)
Dior Homme Glasses
Jewelry c/o Pandora, Tiffany & Co

Look #5:

Forever 21 'Meow' Sweater (similar here)

Look #7 and #9:

ZARA Poncho Coat (similar here)
Furla 'Jucca' Beige Medium Tote (similar here)
Jewelry c/o Pandora

Look #10:

Furla 'Jucca' Beige Medium Tote (similar here)
Jewelry c/o Pandora

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