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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hi, hi !

Hope you guys are having a fabulous Thursday, I am personally enjoying mine so far. Since I stayed up late last time to get some extra work done at the office, I decided to treat myself to a lazy morning in bed, strategizing for our upcoming Fall 2015 lineup and get inspired on Bloglovin' and Pinterest. Okay, I also spent an hour keeping up with all of my Snapchat friends ;) I mean, Snapchat does take a lot of dedication; if you blink, you might miss it ! And let's just say fellow influencers like Chriselle Lim and Kristina Bazan are making it harder to keep up with their flow, snapping faster than the speed of sound (laughs) ! But hey, I'm going pretty insane myself with the social app so I apologize if lately I've been overflowing you with stories… If you have no idea of what I'm talking about, it's about time you  download the app and +TheOfficialPBTH or point your camera at PBTH's ghost down below and tap your screen :)

In other fun, Fashion news, I recently got these unbelievably cool pink gelly flatform espadrilles from Aldo and ever since, I've been wearing them all the time. I'm practically sleeping in it ! They are true hidden gems and I am so happy to have finally found the perfect pair of gelly shoes (after being on the lookout for quite a while!). I had to break them for a few days, sure, but nothing too crazy, didn't any blisters this time around which is pretty cool for new shoes. Proof that you do not ALWAYS have to suffer to look good ;) And when I say I'm wearing them all the time, I mean it; they really go with everything because the colours is so light and the style is timeless. I love a good espadrilles, especially with Summer which finally arrived !

Here, I wore it with what I like to call my 'Summer Uniform'. This is basically what I am wearing when I'm off-duty so, if we ever run into each other on the street, do not expect me to be all-dressed up and ishh ;) On the daily, I'm more of a casual jeans and black tee kinda gal. I like to bare some skin (always with at least a 30 SPF sunblock!), carry around a mini-bag and a pair on sunnies (you eyes are precious and they deserve a good sun protection as well!). And, for a trendier vibe, I just put on a fresh face, black mascara and red lipstick !

Joe Fresh Black Tee
Denim Short c / o AG Adriano Goldschmied (similar here)
Tan Embossed Mini-Bag c/o Michael Kors (similar here)
Color Block Sunglasses c/o FENDI (similar here)
'At Last' ring c/o Lia Sophia
Bracelets c/o Pandora
Black-on-Black Watch c/o Marc Coblen

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